The Department of Residence Life and UAF Facilities Services are partners in the maintenance of all residential facilities. Maintenance repair requests for your room or apartment are made through your hall staff or the Department of Residence Life. Residents should not attempt to make any repairs. If at any time you have a maintenance issue with a room, bathroom or common area, report it to your Resident Assistant or any Residence Life staff member and they will submit a work order. Work orders may take time to complete, depending on the nature of the situation and if parts will need to be ordered. Please note that Residence Life reserves the right to charge for repair service if it is determined that the damage did not result from everyday wear and tear.

Residents in apartments are responsible for the removal of snow from their apartment porches and step areas that provide access to the unit. University grounds crew does snow removal from campus sidewalks and parking lots. If you see an unsafe condition please let staff know or report the condition through Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management.

For a clogged sink or tub drains, do not use Drano or any other cleaning compound. Contact the Department of Residence Life or a Residence Life staff member regarding maintenance to sinks, bathtubs, or toilets. You may attempt to clear clogs with a plunger before calling for assistance. Do not put garbage, paper towels, fish tank debris, grease, tea or coffee grounds, etc. into any drain.

If your apartment or room has an emergency issue, call (907) 474-7247 to report this directly to the Department of Residence Life between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm, Monday-Friday. After hours, report the 17 emergency to the RA on duty. If you cannot get a hold of Residence Life staff, you may call UAF dispatch at (907) 474-7721.

The following maintenance issues are generally considered to be emergencies

● Plumbing (toilet is not flushing or is spewing water

● Broken window

● Fire safety equipment issue

● For fires or fire alarms caused by fire, evacuate the area and DIAL 9-1-1

● Flood

● Loss of heat or water

● Electricity outage

● Key/lock issues

● Any situation that compromises the health or safety of residents/community. Should you cause, witness, or become aware of an event that may require a response for cleanup, contact your hall staff to initiate this action.

If your key is sticky or the lock is difficult to use, do not use any type of chemical liquid lubricant, such as WD-40. Contact Residence Life staff and a staff member from the key shop will clean or replace your lock to correct the issue.

Please contact Residence Life staff if a light burns out in your apartment or room. Hall staff will submit a work order to replace the light.

Residence Life custodial services for common areas are provided under an annual contract. They work to maintain a clean and comfortable living environment in the common areas of your building. They are responsible for cleaning and sanitizing common bathrooms, showers, lounges, laundry rooms, kitchens, and corridors. If you find cleanliness issues in the residence halls, if available please use the QR code to report it or contact Residence Life staff. The cleaning contractor is not responsible for the cleaning of private rooms, suites, and apartments, or private bathrooms and kitchens within the suites/apartments. It is the responsibility of the residents to clean rooms, suites, and apartments.

With respect to your safety and that of our environment, we request your best efforts toward maintaining a clean and sanitary room/apartment. In the event of a pest infestation, contact a Residence Life staff member in your area immediately. There is no direct cost to you for this service. If, however, the infestation is found to be the result of poor housekeeping or hygiene practices, you will be assessed charges for the services.


Residence Life is committed to providing an efficient and effective response to residents who suspect that they may have bed bugs. For the comfort and safety of the residents living in the apartments/halls, Residence Life staff will adhere to the following guidelines:

● As soon as a resident suspects that they may have bed bugs, they should contact Residence Life staff.

● Residence Life staff will perform an inspection of the area. Please note: for calls over weekends Residence Life staff will attempt to get pest management to respond but it is not a guarantee. We ask that residents not stay in another resident’s room or go to another building if they suspect they have bedbugs. This is to prevent the spread of bugs if they are found to be in the resident’s room. Residence Life will review each situation and determine if a temporary relocation is necessary.

● If bedbugs are found in the room, the room will be sealed, all surfaces sprayed and a gas treatment will be used.

● The room will be sealed for 24 hours, at which time it will be safe to enter again, and a follow-up inspection will be conducted after 14 days to make sure the bugs have not come back.

● The resident will need to launder everything washable, with items brought to the laundry room in bags (using only one washer and dryer). Residents will dry, wash, and then dry any items believed to have pests.

● Residence Life will not pay for the use of an outside vendor to launder resident’s items. If no bedbugs are found the resident will be asked to continue to monitor the situation and keep their hall staff updated or notify Residence Life staff if there are further issues.

Bees & Wasps

If you notice a bee, wasp, or hornet nests on/around your unit please contact Residence Life staff. We will contact pest management to remove the nests and eradicate the pest. Immediate response is not
guaranteed, especially after business hours, but please contact Residence Life regardless of the hour to determine if immediate action should be taken.


Alaska is home to rodents, most commonly voles, mice, and shrews. These small rodents have a tendency to come into areas during the fall looking for a home for the winter and scavenge for any food. If you find a rodent in your apartment, contact a Residence Life staff member. For rodent prevention: practice good sanitary habits and do not leave food out, remove your trash, do not leave trash stored in your or out on porches, and remove boxes and paper piles, as these provide good places for rodents to hide.