Hess Rec Center

 Reservation Request Form

Complete this form to request your event space/dates in the Hess Rec Center and/or the MBS Lobby. The MBS Lobby is reserved for tabling events only.

Hess Rec Center Calendar

Check out our events calendar to see if your event time and date is available.

Dining and Catering Events

All catering must be arranged through UAF Dining Services. Be advised that Dining Services is the sole food provider for on-campus events. A Food Waiver Request Form must be submitted when there are donations or food is not being provided by Dining Services. For more information, please contact Dining Services at 474-6661.

Hess Rec Center Floorplan

View floor plan of the Hess Rec Center and Conference Meeting Room. The Hess Rec Center is approximately 1,500-square-foot and can accommodate 200 people seated, or up to 400 standing.

Harriet and Luther Hess Recreation Center

Opened in 1970, in the MBS Complex. It was originally designed as a dining hall and called the Harriet and Luther Hess Dining Commons. It currently serves as a meeting area for social events, conferences, training sessions, and many other events.

Event Planning Set Up

We have 2 main spaces for use here in the Hess Rec. The Hess Conference Meeting Room seats 12 individuals at the table or up to 20 individuals in the room. The main Hess Rec Center auditorium has a seating area that can house up to 200 people seated or up to 400 standing for dances or special occasions. The main auditorium has staging, chairs, and customizable layouts to best suit your program.

Determining room arrangements through our office will be simplified if you plan in advance how you want the room to look. Include what elements you feel are necessary to achieve your event goals. Consider items such as food tables, staging, sound equipment, etc. We can guide you through this process.

Rates for Hess Rec Center

Deposit of $250 for non-university affiliates.

No deposit required for students, student organizations, and direct university affiliates.

Hess Rec Center Rates
UAF Non-Affiliate Rental Fee UAF Affiliate Rental Fee
Hess Rec Center Auditorium and Conference Space $50 / per hour
$250 / per day
No Charge for 1 use per month
($50 per additional event in cases of multiple events in the same month)
Hess Conference and Meeting Room
UAF Non-Affiliate Rental Fee
Once per month - No Charge*
$20 / per hour
$100 / per day
No Charge for 1 use per month
($50 per additional even in cases of multiple events in the same month)
Audio Visual Equipment / Sound Booth
(operator not provided)
Basic equipment includes laptops, projectors, sound systems, microphones, etc.
$10 flat fee in addition to Set Up/Take Down charges for use of AV equipment.
$10 / per item No Charge Applied
Basic equipment includes tables, chairs, table cloths, presentations, etc.
$15 / per hour No Charge Applied
Basic services includes taking out trash, vacuuming, sweeping, kitchen clean-up, etc.
$15 / per hour No Charge Applied
On-Site Staffing
Staff would provide assistance with AV equipment, and/or other requests throughout event
$15 / per hour No Charge Applied

Hess Rec Center Expectations

Please Note: Deposit will not be refunded if expectations are not met. *Restriction of usage may apply to UAF Affiliates.

  • Leave the space as clean as you found it or better.
  • Put away all equipment in the place you found it
  • Sweep floors with push broom
  • Stack chairs neatly on carts and put away in back room
  • Do not use any equipment you are not authorized to use
  • You assume responsibility for the actions of the guests attending your event
  • Report any damages to space before/after event

Prohibited Hess Rec Center Activities

  • Athletic sporting events
  • Alcohol consumption without waiver
  • Soliciting students to purchase items
  • Gambling
  • Unapproved movie screenings 

Event Approval Checklist

  • Event submitted into google form with ample detail
  • Contact information of person taking the lead for planning
  • Name of event
  • Detailed description of event
  • Date of event
  • Start/finish times (including set up/tear down)
  • Alternative date
  • Approximate number of people
  • Materials needed for set up (i.e. projectors, computers, tables, chairs, etc.)
  • General plan for set up
  • Event submitted for approval a minimum of 2 weeks before the proposed date
  • Contact information supplied in google doc
  • Event does not include any prohibited Hess rec activities