Winter and summer break housing information

Summer Break Housing

late-May through early-August

Students looking to study, work or play over summer break have the option to live on campus in the Nerland hall for summer 2019. Apply for summer break housing using your UAOnline Account. New for Summer 2019: If you are staying with us for less than 30 days, you do not need to pay a housing deposit and a $40.00 processing fee will be placed on your university account along with your summer room changes.

Apply for Summer Break Housing!

Winter Break Housing

late-December through mid-January

Students looking to study or play over winter break have the option to live on campus in the designated hall for winter 2019. Applications for winter break housing will be available mid-September.

Thanksgiving and Spring Break Housing

November and March

Our halls and apartments are open during Thanksgiving and Spring Break. Many of our residents choose to travel during these times, but we welcome all to stay for free. There is no application for housing during Thanksgiving or Spring Break.

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New online application

To access our applications, follow the path of logging into UAOnline > Student Services & Account Information> Campus Housing, Dining and Post Office Link >UAF Link > Applications and Forms > Complete the Summer Housing Application and Submit.

Summer Application Steps:

  • Sign Housing Agreement
  • Answer Housing Questions
  • Hall/Room Type Preferences
  • Pay $355.00 Housing Deposit and Application Fee
  • Next Steps and Receipt
Download full Summer Applications Instructions
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Applying for summer housing

Staying less than 30 days fill out the Summer Application - Stay Under 30 Days or Deposit on File.

Staying more than 30 days and have a housing deposit on file fill out the  Summer Application - Stay Under 30 Days or Deposit on File.

Staying more than 30 days and do not have a housing deposit on file fill out the  Summer Application - Stay Over 30 Days and No Deposit on File. This application will ask you to pay your $40.00 application fee and $315.00 housing deposit with credit card.

Apply for summer housing!
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Roommate preferences

Do you have a preferred roommate? After you submit a housing application, you will be able to match yourself to a preferred roommate.

  • Ensure your requested roommate has submitted a housing application.
  • Only matched requests will be considered
  • Roommate preferences are not guaranteed and are subject to room availability.
Roommate requests are done online via your UAOnline Account

Assignment Process

  • Assignments are made based upon the student's application complete date (earliest first).
  • If you are matched with a roommate, assignments will be based on application complete date and hall preferences of the group creator.
  • Hall preferences will be reviewed in the order listed on a student's application. Assignments will be made based on room availability.
  • Assignment letters with check-in instructions will be emailed to your preferred email address as designated on UAOnline.
  • Housing assignments and roommate contact information can be found on my MyHousing home page.
  • Room floor plans can be found on the Residence Life website.

Room Change Process

    • Please be aware that while we do our best not to move residents after we assign them, situation outside of our control may result in your assignment changing. Rooms with vacancies may be consolidated to ensure we use our housing space efficiently.
    • If you did not get assigned your preferred room type, please contact the Central Office at 907-474-7247 or to discuss your options.


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Meal plans

Meal plans are not available over the Summer months. Some on-campus dining locations will be open with limited hours. All dining location accept cash and credit payment options. Please direct all meal plan questions to Dining Services at 907-474-6661 or email

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Code of conduct and policies

All students residing on campus are expected to abide by the University of Alaska Fairbanks code of conduct, available in the Student Handbook. During this low-occupancy period, the Department of Residence Life urges all students, as always, to be mindful of their environment and always lock their doors.