Housing Agreement

​You are required to sign a housing agreement each year to reserve a space on campus. Residents are expected to read and comply with all terms of the housing agreement.


The cost of your room is applied to your UA account at the beginning of each semester; EFG residents have their bills applied on a monthly basis. All room costs are subject to change. If rates increase after a resident has submitted an application, residents with accepted agreements will be given the opportunity to withdraw their application without penalty (less application fee).

All housing-related charges and fees placed on your UA account after the fee payment deadline during the Fall and Spring Semester, or anytime during the Summer and Winter Semesters, must be paid within seven business days.

All outstanding balances after seven days are subject to a late fee. If you are unable to pay these charges or fees, you must contact the Office of the Bursar before the seven-day time period has lapsed to determine your payment options. Residents terminating their agreements will be charged rent based on the schedule outlined in their agreement.

All students and employees of UAF are eligible for campus housing but are not guaranteed housing until approved by the Department of Residence Life. Students must be registered for a minimum of six credits to live in campus housing. Students who are not taking any UA classes need special permission to remain in housing. If you are not enrolled in classes, you must contact the Residence Life Central Office. Employees in EFG are only eligible for housing so long as they are still employed by UAF. For the purpose of this agreement, “Employee” will refer to all employees of the University of Alaska except student or temporary employees. Student and temporary employees do not qualify for employee housing.

Residents who cancel their housing after July 31 (Fall) or November (30) spring will be subject to a $150 cancellation fee. The cancellation fee for EFG housing is $500.

There are circumstances that may prevent you from meeting the obligation of your Residence Life Agreement. For any requests for an exception to the terms of your agreement, you may complete the Exception to Housing Agreement form through your housing portal. These requests are reviewed by the Central Office staff.