Housing and Residence Life Staff

Residence Life staff are here to help you! You will no doubt get to know many of the student and professional staff members whose job it is to work with you to help make your residence hall experience an enjoyable one. The staff who work in your area are well-trained and eager to be of assistance. Please introduce yourself and ask them for help when you need it.

The Director of Residence Life oversees all aspects of housing, including facilities, operations, guest housing, and residential programming. The Director focuses on campus residential life by maintaining a supportive and positive department that is able to assist our on-campus residents.

Associate Director of Residence Life

The Associate Director (AD) oversees all residence halls and guest housing. They oversee programming across campus from weeklong tradition weeks to university traditions to ensure student participation and involvement. The Associate Director is responsible for oversight of student conduct within all residential facilities, student safety, and residence hall staff training and development. The Associate Director works in conjunction with the Coordinator(s), supervising all hall staff and hall operations to ensure safe and well-maintained facilities and to provide a clear process for students to navigate life on campus.

Area Coordinators

Coordinators are full-time professional staff with extensive experience working with students. They supervise multiple halls or larger residential areas. Their duties include supervising staff, facilitating training, and handling issues of student conduct. They also work with other campus  departments in order to provide quality education, resources, and programming for residents to help them develop positive and supportive communities. The Department of Residence Life has a Student Success Coordinator who is responsible for the department’s Living Learning Communities (LLCs), including the facilitation of relationships with campus partners to grow cross-curricular opportunities for our residents. We also have an Area Coordinator, who is responsible for overseeing large campus programming and collaborating with the Office of Rights, Compliance and Accountability on Student Conduct and Case Management.

Resident Directors

Resident Directors (RDs) are full-time professional staff with a background in student development who live in the residence halls and apartments. Resident Directors are responsible for managing and supervising residence halls, promoting a positive residential community, and facilitating large- and small-scale programs in the residence halls. Resident Directors assist residents with personal and academic concerns and refer residents to the appropriate resources. Resident Directors are student conduct administrators and serve on the department’s 24-hour on call emergency service team.

Resident Assistants

Resident Assistants (RAs) are students who live in the communities and have extensive training with student concerns and campus resources. RAs receive many hours of training and are available to help with problems or questions or to connect residents with other resources on campus. RAs are trained in mediation and are available to help resolve any roommate conflicts within the hall/apartments. They are also responsible for communicating University Housing policy and are expected to respond to policy violations. Resident Assistants sponsor and help organize many social and educational programs throughout the year.

Nook Concierge

The Nook Concierge (NC) position works to enhance the experience of students and community members by being available after 5pm to answer questions in person or via phone, check out equipment and supplies, and connect individuals with the folks who can best serve their needs. NCs are responsible for offering general customer service, reporting emergency situations, and working with RAs to report policy violations or safety concerns.

Guest Housing Student Staff

Guest housing student staff work with select Resident Directors (RDs) to facilitate the guest housing program, which offers short-term housing to UA-affiliated individuals. These students assist with preparing rooms for guests and ensuring our facilities are clean and welcoming to our visitors.​

Assistant Director for Finance and Business Operations

The Assistant Director for Finance and Business Operations handles the day-to-day and long term budgetary responsibilities of the department, oversees the Central Office, and also facilitates process improvements for the department. The Assistant Director for Finance and Business Operations actively collaborates with internal and external entities to maximize strategies for a modern and successful student experience.


Assignment & Records Coordinators

The Assignment & Records Coordinators are responsible for all housing assignments, coordinating the housing contract processes, and preparing correspondence to current and potential residents. They ensure housing records are managed in accordance with UAF policies. These positions are also responsible for in person, email and phone communication directed at the main Residence Life customer service center, working together to provide accurate and timely information ensuring a positive customer service experience.


Operations Manager

The Operations Manager is responsible for overseeing all housing assignments and placements, including room switches, and is the primary point of contact for residents with questions related to their housing contract. This person oversees bills and coordinates the daily office operations of the department. They also coordinate department data systems.


Marketing and Communications Specialist

The Marketing and Communications Specialist is responsible for all marketing materials, communication, social media platforms, website content, and design materials for the department.


Central Office Assistant(s)

The Central Office Assistants are student staff who are available to answer questions and help direct families, students, employees, and guests who have any questions about campus life. They work at the front desk of Residence Life Central Office and provide clerical duties within the department. They facilitate department housing records, logs, and audits to ensure accurate record keeping.

Facilities Manager

The Facilities Manager is responsible for the renovation, maintenance, and overall cleaning of all of the facilities. They collaborate with outside contractors, facilities services, and janitorial contractors. They are responsible for ensuring maintenance staff is assigned to make repairs in the residence halls and apartments. They follow up with work orders, emergency maintenance, and repairs.


Facilities Coordinator

The Facilities Coordinator is responsible for coordinating student support crew and staff to perform a large portion of the routine maintenance done around all Residence Life buildings.

Student Support Crew

Student crew are UAF students who work with the facilities coordinator and manager to make repairs to and assess residence life furniture, as well as assist with cleaning, moving, and other Residence Life facilities tasks.

Residence Hall Association (RHA)

Your Residence Hall Association is a student-led organization serving as an advocate for students’ needs, concerns and interests. Through its work, RHA is here to encourage residents to invest and engage in their campus community and connect to the larger community of Fairbanks. During the academic year, RHA will provide opportunities for community service and host social events while continuously acting as a resource to all on-campus residents.