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NEW! The More You Look: Listen to a new podcast, exploring behind the scenes of museum collections, research, exhibits, and public programming.

Tracking Dinosaurs Across Alaska: Watch a presentation about dinosaurs in Alaska by Pat Druckenmiller, paleontologist and museum director.

Bowhead Articulation Playlist: Watch behind-the-scenes videos of a bowhead whale skeleton being prepared for suspension in the museum lobby.

ghArctic Currents: A Year in the Life of a Bowhead Whale: Animated film available in three languages.

You Are Here: Discover the UA Museum of the North: Available online for the first time!

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A person pouring berries from one bucket to another.UAMN Ethnobotany Film Series

PoLAR Voices Podcast

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Images (Top to Bottom): Bowhead Whale Articulation (UAMN photo by Roger Topp), Berries: Iñupiat Traditions video.


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