NSF & NIH research on the Mammal Collection

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) and National Institutes of Health (NIH) fund research in a wide range of disciplines that rely heavily on museum specimens. Since 2005, over 35 projects funded by NSF or NIH have used specimens from UAMN's Mammal Collection alone, representing $29,494,344 invested in specimen-based research. Read more about these projects by clicking on the grant numbers.

NSF ANT-9420818. Possible linkages between ecosystem measures and the demographics of a Weddell seal population ($220,376)

NSF ANT-9725820. Use of a long-term data base and molecular genetic techniques to examine the behavioral ecology and dynamics of Weddell seal (Leptonychotes weddellii) population ($510,005)

NSF ARC-0326584. Investigating complex human-ecological relationships over multidimensional scales: the Sanak Islands Project ($388,082)

NSF ARC-0508101. BE/CNH: Complex ecosystem interactions over multiple spatial and temporal scales: the biocomplexity of Sanak Island ($1,379,854)

NSF ARC-0714232, 0714212. Collaborative Research: RUI: The impacts of arctic and alpine refugia on genetic divergence in tundra flora ($627,097)

NSF ARC-0755725. Human response to climate change at Cape Espenberg AD 800-1400 ($991,956)

NSF DBI-1523869. Investigating the genetic and morphological outcomes of the colonization of new environments ($138,000)

NSF DEB-0196095. The Beringian Coevolution Project: Mammals and associated macro- and microparasites ($260,900)

NSF DEB-0309377. Dissertation Research: Molecular and morphological perspectives on the dynamics of a post-glacial contact zone  ($11,018)

NSF DEB-0415668. Beringian Coevolution Project II ($542,690)

NSF DEB-0542530542725. Collaborative Research: Systematics, biogeography, and ecogeographic variation in treeshrews (Mammalia, Scandentia) ($351,447)

NSF DEB-0614107. Molecular and functional basis of agouti camouflage in Peromyscus populations ($308,000)

NSF DEB-0614585. Collaborative Research: A complete species level phylogeny of the Carnivora ($374,992)

NSF DEB-0808619. Dissertation Research: Thrice through Beringia? Unraveling the evolution of North American pikas ($9,314)

NSF DEB-1020861020890, 1411403. Collaborative Research: A novel phylogenetic approach to the analysis of bat phylogenetics and morphological evolution ($351,447)

NSF DEB-1115895. The effect of sociality on transmission and spread of a multi-host pathogen ($1,999,999)

NSF DEB-1257572. An integrated approach to understanding evolutionary transformations in craniodental and locomotor specializations ($398,944)

NSF DEB-1404521. Dissertation Research: The impact of ecological traits on the immunogenetic evolution of bats ($20,822)

NSF DEB-1441634. Collaborative Research: VertLife Terrestrial: A complete, global assembly of phylogenetic, trait, spatial and environment characteristics for a model clade ($364,238)

NSF DEB-1457523. Cityscape genomics of rats in New York City ($640,511)

NSF DEB-9707225. Phylogeny and rates of evolution of the Carnivora (Mammalia) ($185,000)

NSF DEB-9807045. Biogeography of Malagasy carnivores ($76,000)

NSF DMR-1610483Interaction of water with polymer surfaces: Consequence on wetting, adhesion, and friction ($405,000)

NSF EF-0430418. EID: Ecological influences on rabies infections in bats ($1,520,000)

NSF OCE-1435194. Collaborative Research: Changes in ecosystem production and benthic biodiversity following the widespread loss of an ecosystem engineer ($355,985)

NSF OIA-1736249Using natural variation to educate, innovate, and lead (UNVEIL): A collaborative research network to advance genome-to-phenome connections in the wild ($4,000,000)

NSF OPP-1263848. WALRUS - Walrus Adaptability and Long-term Responses; Using multi-proxy data to project Sustainability ($1,707,331)

NSF OPP-1341881. Bering Strait socio-economic organization, ca. 2000-200 BP: A view from Port Clarence ($48,201)

NSF OPP-1523160. Collaborative Research: Birnirk prehistory and the emergence of Inupiaq Culture in Northwestern Alaska, archaeological and anthropological perspectives ($653,854)

NSF OPP-1702456Collaborative Research: The Distributed Biological Observatory (DBO)-a change detection array in the Pacific Arctic region ($813,701)

NSF OPP-1744179. The science of the narwhal through technological innovation, HoloLens ($30,004)

NIH R01GM059290. Population genetics and evolution of mobile elements ($9,011,729)

NIH R21AR064995. Overcoming disuse atrophy and osteoporosis in hibernating mammals ($363,000)

NIH 1R01CA59116. Type D retrovirus and pulmonary carcinoma ($239,045)

NIH 1R21AI105050. Diversity and dispersal potential of bat-borne zoonotic viruses in the Indo-Australian Archipelago ($195,802)