UAMN Annual Fund Donors

The UA Museum of the North recognizes donors to the Annual Fund in the 2018 fiscal year. Gifts to the UAMN Annual Fund support programs, education, research, collections, and exhibits in ten different disciplines spanning the natural and cultural worlds. Thank you for supporting the UA Museum of the North!

$2,500 or more
Mary E. Binkley Trust
Ronald K. Inouye
Linda and Stephen Sikes

$1,000 - $2,499
Anonymous (1)
Dr. Walt and Marita Babula
Mary E. Binkley
DeLois and Roger Burggraf
Douglas and Susan Crevensten
Donna L. Dinsmore
David R. Klein
James and Margaret Lund
Barbara H. Matthews
Daniel and Ann Marie White
Usibelli Foundation

$500 - $999
Anonymous (1)
Steve Bouta
Daniel and Mary Johnson
Dorli McWayne and Kesler Woodward
Mary Ann Nickles
Angela Schmidt and Chris Miller
Matthew and Elizabeth Sturm

$250 - $499
Anonymous (3)
James Dixon and Barbara Day
Margaret W. Eagleton
Hajo Eicken and Angela Dirks-Eicken
Jennifer R. Imus
Charles Kennel and Ellen Lehman
Harvey A. Roberts
Derek and Melissa Sikes
Glen and Melissa Simpson
Ingrid M. Taylor
Daniel and Ann Marie White
Nadine E. Winters

$10 - $249
Anonymous (6)
Dorothy S. Beehner
Pauline L. Bennett-Gannon
James E. Blackburn
Judith and Sherwood Bothwell
Joan and Douglas Braddock
Robert and Joan Bundtzen
Susan M. Campbell
Patrick and JoEllen Cariati
Charles and Geraldine Collins
Debra and Thomas Corbett
Hazel E. Daro
Anne DeMuth and Mark Hodge
Timothy and Kathleen Doran
Joseph G. Engelhard
Charles and Charlotte Faulkner
Melody D. Feniks
Patricia Fox
Karl E. Franke
Larry Fogleson and Teresa Glendinning
Gary R. Goodnow
Jane S. Gregory
Cathy and Mark Gunderson
Patricia S. Holloway
Jonathan Holstein
Mary K. Ingenthron
Thomas and Diane Irwin
Bonnie and Fred Johnson
Margie A. Johnson
Warren and Janet Jones
Janice Dawe and Lawrence Kaplan
Beth and Mike Kasser
Quentin and Margaret Kessel
Stephanie N. Kishaba
Zin Kittredge
Marcella Knowlton
Carl Kopischke
Brendan and Nettie La Belle-Hamer
John Rose and Carol Linkswiler
Joshua Reuther and Angela Linn
Barbara and Donald Logan
Susan and Douglas Loshbaugh
Sally Marek
Craig and Wendy Martelle
Patricia McAdoo
Paul and Lucy McCarthy
Jochen E. Mezger
Firmin and Gael Murakami
Marie Matsuno Nash
Dennis Stephens and June Pinnell-Stephens
Christopher Nye and Anna Plager
Marjorie and Robert Poggas
Andree and Dennis Porchet
Howard and Corinne Potter
Virginia R. Rausch
Martha Raynolds and Samuel Dashevsky
Jack and Edith Reisland
Kelly Auer and Deborah Rocque
Leslie and Juliana Rogers
Kenneth Russell and Laurel Devaney
Phillip and Katherine Sanders
Kenneth Sassen
Ann-Lillian B. Schell
Jerry Lipka and Janet Schichnes
Dolores J. Sczudlo
Jeffrey and Karen Spaleta
Dorothy Stella
Alice A. Stickney
Jeffrey Stolz
Cynthia A. Stragier
Dorea Sun
Keith and C. Jean Sworts
Scott and Janet Taylor
Robert L. Usibelli
BJ Vinson and Kevin Kaelberger
Clara Watkins and Toni Sage
Karen E. Weber
Gay Ann Barnsley White
John and Patricia Whitehead
Candice R. Wiesner
Ken Whitten and Mary Zalar