2017 All Scientists Meeting

Portland, OR, January 27-28, 2017

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Ed Rastetter
The Arctic LTER 2017-2023 pdf
Hank Loescher
NEON at Toolik pdf
John Walsh
Toolik in the broader picture of Arctic change pdf
Eugenie Euskirchen
Linking models to explore the impacts of ecosystem change in Alaska and northwest Canada pdf
Tracie Curry
Visual tools for shared understanding in transdisciplinary knowledge processes pdf
John Elliott
Space Physics, Aeronomy and Toolik Field Station: What we do, why we do it, and why TFS pdf
Daniel Obrist
Trace gas dynamics of gaseous mercury, CO2, and CH4 between soils, snowpack and the atmosphere in the Alaskan tundra pdf
Yo Chin
It’s more than climate change: the fate of persistent organic pollutants in the Arctic pdf
Beth Neilson
Connecting hillslope and riparian processes to arctic stream and river responses (no recording available) pdf
Lee Vierling
Reflecting on Toolik: recent advances and new opportunities for understanding Arctic ecology using remotely sensed data (no recording available) pdf
John Wingfield
Living in the arctic spring: physiological and behavioral responses to extreme events and unpredictability pdf
Jennie McLaren
Broadening perspectives on controls over carbon and nutrient cycling pdf
Josh Schimel
Organic nitrogen uptake by tundra plants pdf
Matt Wallenstein
Controls on the fate of new carbon inputs to tundra soils pdf
Vladimir Romanovsky
Modeling permafrost characteristics with very high spatial resolution pdf
Margareta Johansson
INTERACT goes viral: an advanced community steps into a global role pdf