2023 All Scientists Meeting

Santa Barbara, CA, January 19-20, 2023

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List of presenters and topics at the 2023 All Scientists Meeting
Presenter Topic Presentation slides
Svetlana Stuefer An overview of the NASA SnowEx field campaign in Alaska pdf
Donald Hampton Sunny with a chance of electrons: Space Weather Research at Toolik pdf
Torre Jorgenson Diverse Responses of Tundra Ecosystems to Climate Change: A Landscape-level Perspective pdf
Linda Nicholas-Figueroa Iḷisaġvik College Research and Education for Undergraduates and Dual Credit Students pdf
Kevin Griffin The Role of Climate Variability in Controlling Arctic Ecosystem Function pdf
Michelle Mack Changing Disturbances, Ecological Legacies, and the future of the Alaskan Boreal Forest pdf
Jeremy May Monitoring and understanding vegetation change using the Mobile Instrumented Sensor Platform (MISP) pdf
Kathleen Orndahl Mapping vegetation biomass and tracking herbivory from space pdf
Agata Buchwal Dendrochronology of arctic shrubs at Toolik Field Station: on-going efforts and perspectives pdf
Jasmine Saros Arctic Lakes as Sentinels of Climate Variability: Highlights from Greenland and Next Steps pdf
Arial Shogren Shining light on river biogeochemical dynamics: Using in-situ high-frequency optical sensors to capture exports from Arctic headwaters pdf
Erin Rooney What Drives Redox Conditions in Arctic Tundra Soils? pdf
Jessica Ernakovich Arctic microbiomes in a changing environment pdf
A. Elizabeth Arnold Endophytes in a changing Arctic: time-capsules for the study of plant- and lichen symbioses pdf
Sarah Oktay Putting the pieces together: Fundraising, Outreach, and Strategic Planning pdf