Station Layout

Toolik Field Station is often referred to as the "pad", "camp" or "station". Staff and users use these interchangeably when referring to Toolik Field Station. The pad specifically refers to the graveled area the station is built on. "Camp" is a historic name for Toolik when it was not occupied year round.  Now of days we refer to Toolik Field Station as a "Station", since people are stationed at Toolik year round. Now you know! 

The photo below was taken on a beautiful July day from the North. 

the pad

Layout of Toolik Field Station

Toolik is divided in 2 general areas - the residential area and the rest of the station which consists of:

  • Lab area
  • Sauna
  • Tent city
  • Dining Hall
  • Cold Storage
  • Shipping/Receiving tent and workshop
  • Tool workshop
  • Toolik Health Club (THC)
  • Garage
  • Tank farm/refueling/generators
  • Shower module
  • EMT facility

The residential area has quiet hours from 10pm to 8am. Some residents stay in weatherport tents which conduct noise easily, hence the importance to respect these quiet hours at all times.