Operations, Maintenance & Safety

The Station Facilities & Maintenance Department is in place to ensure smooth and safe operations of camp and its facilities.  It is comprised of 3 Departments working hand in hand to provide quality support to our residents while preserving the facilities and assets in camp:

  • Operations Department
  • Maintenance, Equipment Support & Fabrication Department
  • Safety Department

Read more below about what each department does and how we can help!

Entrance road to Toolik Station

A variety of services are supported by the Operations Department: 
- Daily camp activities and request support: refueling, dry ice fabrication, freight management and handling, storage management
- Facilities upkeep and cleaning
- Housing assignment
- Admin support: report problems with MyToolik, IT, etc.
- Management of common-use vehicles & other equipment
- Kitchen services

Operating equipment in open snow covered area
Maintenance, Equipment Support & Fabrication (MEF)

The MEF Department provides a wide array of services, from repairing a broken vehicle, to helping design, troubleshoot or fix a piece of equipment needed for your fieldwork, while performing routine maintenance tasks and repairs on the entire facility.

Person walking to a building at Toolik Station
Safety & Emergency Medical Support

The Safety Department at TFS is responsible for safety in camp for all residents, as well as emergency medical support. We are growing this department to develop a variety of useful field and medical trainings in collaboration with the UAF Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management Department, the NSF and Battelle-ARO.
The Department also provides a variety of services such as lab and other waste management, spill response, and has trained staff year-around (Emergency Medical Technician/EMT, Wilderness-EMT and Wilderness First Responder) to provide medical assistance and support.