2019 All Scientists Meeting

Portland, OR, February 1-2, 2019

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Courtney Meier The NEON Terrestrial Observation System: Data and Design pdf
Alexander Kholodov Role of permafrost in evolution of terrestrial ecosystems in changing climate at the North Slope of Alaska pdf
Logan Berner Greening of the tundra biome pdf
Greg Henry Integrating Arctic Science: perspectives from the Canadian High Arctic pdf
Ellen Dorrepaal Plant-soil responses to experimental permafrost thaw pdf
Rebecca Hewitt Exploring the impacts of belowground plant traits on the permafrost C-climate feedback pdf
Elizabeth Herndon Iron oxides as carbon and nutrient traps in soils pdf
Tamara Harms Propagation of biogeochemical signals from arctic soils to streams pdf
Sally MacIntyre Arctic Lakes - Implications of Hydrodynamics on GHG Emissions pdf
Megan Machmuller Quantifying drivers of Arctic carbon-climate feedbacks across scales pdf
Helen Chmura Keeping time in a warming world: Lessons from the Alaskan Arctic pdf
Heidi Golden Using Genetics to Inform Climate Adaptation Science pdf
Helene Angot Atmospheric research in the Arctic: current projects and future challenges pdf
Mark Conde The Importance of Toolik Lake for Space Weather Research in Alaska pdf
Crystal Glassburn Archaeology & Ethnohistory of the Toolik Region pdf
Ian Billick Ecology of Place: The Field Station of the Future? pdf