2024 Support FAQs and contact list

Your reservation at Toolik Field Station via the myToolik system gives you and your team access to many services offered at the station: Transportation (long distance and local), accommodations (lodging, access to our facilities, showering, etc.), shipping and freight services, food, laboratory access, equipment, storage, safety trainings, medical support, etc.

In addition to the day to day operations, Toolik Field Station also has departments that offer a variety of other specialized services available to the Toolik Community through the Spatial and Environmental Data Center (Environmental Data Center, GIS & Remote Sensing) and the Station Facilities & Operations are there to help you focus on your science.  To request support of all kinds please go to our Support Request System (SRS) and find the appropriate form. 

Environmental Data Center

 The Environmental Data Center offers a variety of services to the Toolik community through the collection of long-term baseline environmental and biological data, management of common-use equipment,  field assistance for researchers at the station or remote, and educational materials through a series of plant an animal guides.  EDC fieldwork

EDC Webpage

GIS & Remote Sensing

 Toolik GIS & Remote Sensing offers mapping (publication maps, imagery layer creation,  site selection), field services (GPS surveys, drone imagery collection, bathymetric surveys), and analysis of spatial data catered to our research communities needs.Toolik GIS

GIS & RS Webpage

Maintenance, Equipment Support, & Fabrication

 The Maintenance, Equipment Support & Fabrication team is there to address repairs that may be needed throughout the facility (broken window, bedroom furniture issue, etc.) or help repairing broken field equipment, gear, vehicles, small engines, etc. They also  help maintain remote power systems (generators, wind, solar) and assist researchers with their remote instruments.MESF

MEF Webpage

NSF Arctic Logistic Contractor - Battelle ARO

NSF funded projects through the Office of Polar Programs may have support through the Battelle ARO logistics contract.  Projects supported through this may have truck, helicopter, logistics, userday, and field infrastructure support.  Please contact your program manager to determine the support your project has or is able to ask for. FYI support request typically need to be in 1 year in advance. 

Helicopters at Toolik