Strategic Plan 2023-2028

Toolik Field Station's 2023 Strategic Plan identifies our top priorities for action and growth in the next five years. These are both extensions of current initiatives and moonshot goals that will launch us into our 50th year. The plan was drafted by the Toolik Management Team, with feedback from our staff, steering committee, and participants at the 2023 All Scientists Meeting.

We welcome comments and questions about the plan, our priorities, or our projects. Please send any feedback to the Toolik management team at

Download a printable pdf of the content on this web page.

Our Mission

Our mission is to promote a greater understanding of the Arctic by safely, sustainably, and equitably fostering research and education in response to the needs of science and society.

Our Vision for 2028

Toolik Field Station is a leading, year-round Arctic research, observation, and education facility, providing insight to address local and global challenges of the rapidly changing Arctic.

Our Core Values

  • Collaboration
  • Open Communication
  • Dynamic Support
  • Safety & Inclusion
  • Supporting Science for a Better, More Sustainable Future

Strategic Priorities 2023-2028

  1. We bolster our station's research capabilities and facilities.
  2. We formalize educational support and spark new outreach efforts.
  3. We actively foster a safe, diverse, equitable and inclusive community.
  4. We strengthen and diversify our financial stability.


  • Initial planning & community feedback: October 2022 - February 2023
  • Assessment, prioritization, & additional feedback: June - August 2023
  • Project planning: August - September 2023
  • Implementation: September 2023 - present

Thank you to the UAF Process Improvement and Training (PIT) crew for facilitating the planning process.  A detailed version of our strategic plan can be downloaded as a pdf.