Spatial & Environmental Data Center

The Spatial and Environmental Data Center (SEDC) encompasses two of the science support branches at Toolik Field Station.  We offer a range of products and services to researchers who work in and around Toolik Field Station. 

Women kneeling on ground looking at testing equipment
Environmental Data Center

Three main services are offered by the Environmental Data Center (EDC) 1. Collection of long-term baseline environmental and biological data, 2. management of common-use labratory and field equipment, and 3. field assistance for researchers at the station as well as those who access the station remotely.

Person in field getting data
GIS & Remote Sensing

Toolik GIS & Remote Sensing offers mapping (publication maps, imagery layer creation,  site selection), field services (GPS survesy, drone imagery collection, bathymetric surveys), and analysis of spatial data catered to our research communities needs.