Toolik Field Station (TFS) is pleased to provide students and early career researchers with userday support to conduct their own independent research projects in the Alaskan Arctic. This competitive award supports the invaluable experiences afforded by conducting hands-on research in the field. Often funding for independent field work can be hard to secure for students and early career researchers. The TUNDRA award provides awardees with up to 10 TFS userdays that cover food, accommodations, support and logistics while at the station. We encourage applicants from all disciplines to apply.

Applicants are required to fund their own travel to Fairbanks, AK. Once in Fairbanks, the TFS team will handle logistics to get students up to the field station.

Award Funding

The seed funding for this award was started by TFS staff and continues to be funded through ongoing donations to support early career researchers. TUNDRA is a program under the Early Career Research Support Fund.


Application details

TUNDRA provides applicants with up to 10 userdays at the premier Toolik Field Station. To be considered for this award, applications must be submitted before the deadline of March 15th . Submitted projects can be an extension of a student's project that already has additional support.

To complete this application, students will need to fill out the required application information, upload their most recent CV, and a cover letter from a reference in the field.

Click here to open the application*:


*This application requires signing into a Gmail account. If you do not have a Gmail account, please contact ayoung55@alaska.edu for assistance.

If selected as an award winner, in exchange for funding, accepted applicants agree to produce a project (ex. paper, poster, deliverable) and a final presentation (ex. at the All Scientists meeting, weekly Tuesday seminars, Talking Toolik podcast guest, national conferences, ect.). Additionally, any publications must be submitted to Toolik Field Station.

Who is eligible?

Current students and those who have been students within the past 5 years.

Award Evaluations

There is one deadline each year for this award: March 15th.  Applications will be evaluated on feasibility, scientific merit, rationale for conducting research at TFS and research quality. Once notified of an acceptance, the awardee is required to work with the Toolik logistics team to set-up userdays, conduct their research, and submit their products.

How can you help?

Looking to help jump-start emerging scholars’ research careers? With the help of generous donors, we get closer to our vision of a greater understanding of the arctic and developing the next generation of passionate and inquisitive scientists. Your contributions directly fund young researchers’ independent research projects. Donate to the Early Career Research Support Fund today!


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