Steering Committee Meetings

Thursday & Friday, 2-3 August 2012

Presentation Materials
Day 1    
Mike Abels (UAF, IAB) Operations view
Brian Barnes (UAF, IAB) ????? view
Donie Bret-Harte (UAF, IAB) Environmental Data Center (EDC) overview view
Terry Callaghan (INTERACT) INTERACT view
Jessie Cherry (UAF, IARC) EDC baseline climate monitoring program view
Renee Crain (NSF) Division of Arctic Sciences support for TFS view
John Hobbie (MBL) Evolution of science support at TFS view
Shelly Jacobson (BLM) BLM planning and permitting at TFS view
Cody Johnson (CPS) Barrow science view
Jud Joyner (CPS) Long range facilities plan view
Monique Lussier (CPS) TFS laboratory design view
Morten Rasch (Zackenberg) Greenland ecosystem monitoring view
Jason Stuckey (UAF, IAB) Toolik GIS: what we do and where we're heading view
David Tazik (NEON) National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON) view
Jeb Timm (UAF, IAB) TFS science support view
Day 2    
Callum Anderson (UAF, GI) The scanning doppler imager network view
Breck Bowden (UVM) Future research at TFS view
Mike Gooseff (Penn State) Arctic hydrologic and ecological research near Toolik view
Tamara Harms (UAF, IAB) Climate-mediated coupling of hydrology and biogeochemistry on arctic hillslopes view
Sally MacIntyre (UC-SB) Climate related variation in lake mixing dynamics view
Vladimir Romanovsky (UAF, GI) Observations and modeling of changes in permafrost view
Gus Shaver (MBL) The Arctic LTER project at Toolik Lake view
Gregg Starr (U Alabama) Cold season gas exchange of arctic plants view
Mike Weintraub (U Toledo) Future directions in Arctic research view