Student Aid

Major account classification for student financial support excluding student and employee fee waivers. Entries for budget, payroll or accounting purposes may not be made to this account code. Use an “FA” program code except where indicated.

For student aid budget entry purposes only by chief financial officers of MAUs and Statewide Budget.


Scholarships and Fellowships

Expenditures for student scholarship awards.

Expenditures for student fellowship awards. Do not use for payments that represent compensation for services when an employer/employee relationship exists. Use an "FA" program code.



Tuition waived for employees’ dependents/spouses.

Tuition waived for adjunct dependents/spouses.

Tuition waived for students by a talent grant.

Tuition waived for needs-based students.

Nonresident surcharge waived for students with parents or grandparents currently living in the state under “Come Home to Alaska” program.

Tuition waived for senior citizens.

Non-resident surcharge waived for Athletic department athletes who are on scholarship.

Tuition waived for spouse or dependent of an Alaskan resident who died in the line of duty or as a result of injuries sustained while in the line of duty for the state or federal government. Full definition of the waiver is provided in AS 14.43.085.

Tuition waivers authorized per January 16, 2020 Board of Regents action.

Tuition waived for graduate assistantships. Do not use an “FA” program code.

Tuition waived for undergraduate assistantships. Do not use an “FA” program code.


Other Student Aid

Tuition discount for authorized and identified occupational endorsement courses.

Additional tuition mitigation credits per the motion approved by the Board of Regents at their June 2, 1995 meeting.

Expenditures for student aid funded through government or private grants.

Principal and interest expenditures for student loan receivables which are canceled. Charged only when cancellation of assignment occurs.

Principal and interest expenditures for NDSL receivables which are assigned. Charged only when assignment occurs.

Principal and interest expenditures for Nursing Student Loans receivables, which are assigned and are written off. Charged only when written off with federal approval.

Refund expenditures required on Federal student aid grants.

Expenditure of the university match requirement for Federal or State granted student aid funds.

Contra-expense account used to offset Student Aid expense in total. Entry by Statewide Controller’s office only