Major account classification for revenues from special student fees. No budget, payroll or accounting entries may be made directly to this account code.

Fees charged for providing transcripts.

Student fees charged for noncredit courses and other special courses.

Fees charged for student applications for admission.

Fees charged for students dropping or adding courses after initial registration.

Supplemental fees for students registering after scheduled dates.

Fees charged for student health and medical services.

Supplemental fees charged for student graduation.

Fees charged for deferred payment plans.

Special fees assessed students for support of student activities.

Fees charged for miscellaneous laboratory and materials use.

Fee assessed for non-payment of reserved course tuition and fees.

Fees charged for use of computer labs.

Fee charged for special “network charge”; to cover costs of maintenance and enhancement of university wide technology infrastructure.

Fees charged for professional development courses.

A supplement to tuition for specific purpose, course or program as defined in Board of Regents’ Policy.

Fee charged for facilities.