Rental Car Information

From UA Travel Regulations R05.02.060(10)

e. Vehicle Rentals  

  1. Automobile rental for employees on authorized university business may be utilized when such  use is in the best interest of the university. 
  2. The traveler must obtain lowest logical rate offered to university or government agencies for the  type of vehicle necessary to meet the business needs of the traveler.
  3.  Reasonable rental charges up to a full size car is allowable.  Cars larger than full size and any  other vehicle type requires business justification.  It is permissible to rent a car larger than full  size provided there is documentation to support that the cost is not more than a full size.

Car Rental Discounts

See "Car Rental Information" on the UAF Procurement and Contract Services Travel Card Information page for currently available car rental pricing.

 UA Auto Physical Damage Coverage

  • Claim Guide: The System Office of Risk Services covers physical body damage sustained to vehicles, up to seven years of age, in accidents occurring on official university business. Coverage occurs only when there has been an accident. An accident is a sudden, unexpected event, not purposeful, and not due to mechanical failure/breakdown or normal wear and tear. University departments are responsible for a deductible for each and every accident. The deductible is retained by the department responsible for the vehicle at the time of the accident.
  • Accident Reporting: You must immediately report any accidents that occur during your work for the university to your supervisors, your vehicle fleet manager if you have a leased UA vehicle, and your campus risk management/safety department. The report should normally be completed on the same day, or no later than the next business day. Reporting should be done through the Origami reporting system.

See Auto Coverage and Accident Reporting, UA System Office of Risk Services, for more information.