Compliance information

Grant Effort Reporting is key to maintaining Federal compliance with OMB A-21 section J-10 (c) 1.e, which states, “At least annually a statement will be signed by the employee, principal investigator, or responsible official(s) using suitable means of verification that the work was performed, stating that salaries and wages charged to sponsored agreements as direct charges, and to residual, F&A cost or other categories are reasonable in relation to the work performed.”

UAF’s policy is to certify effort every Spring, Summer, and Fall. The CFOS Grants Management Team and/or outlying units will send employees their individual forms for review and signature.

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Clicking on the following documents will provide additional information to assist in a smooth Grant Effort Certification process.
Time and Effort Certification Flowchart (pdf)
Top 10 Things a PI Should Know about Effort

The following instructions will assist staff in printing Effort Certification statements.
Grant Effort Certification Statement Printing Instructions

The CFOS Grants Management team assists in ensuring UAF Statewide compliance with the help of the Controller’s Office.

For details on compliance issues such as Animal and Human Subjects use, please visit UAF’s Office of Research Integrity.