Post-Award information

 Award Setup

CFOS receives award notifications from the Office of Grants and Contracts. The CFOS Grants Management Team is responsible for reviewing the award and comparing it with proposal documentation (e.g., budget, statement of work, etc.) to ensure continuity. Budgets are keyed in Banner and submitted to OGCA for processing. Once processed by OGCA, the Grants Management Team will notify the Principle Investigator of their new grant and fund numbers.

Award Management

During the life cycle of an award, a PI may find it necessary to modify certain aspects of the award, such as rebudgeting funds or extending the end date. Prior approval is required in some cases. Check with the CFOS Grants Management Team if you’re unsure.

Common Prior Approval Requests
  • No-Cost Extensions
  • Change in Key Personnel
  • Rebudgeting
  • Changes to Statement of Work

For National Science Foundation and other select agencies, please see the Agency Prior Approval Matrix (PDF).

Other Grants Management Duties
  • Cost Transfers – Journal Vouchers and Labor Reallocation forms. Best practice is that cost transfers are moved within 60 days after hitting Banner. Costs can be moved beyond this timeframe under special circumstances.
  • Match tracking
  • Effort Reporting
  • Assisting with Subawards
  • Biweekly project update financial reports to PIs

Award Closeout

The Grants Management Team sends notifications to the PI at 90, 60, and 30 days prior to a project’s end date to ensure certain conditions have been met. This closeout process ensures that closeout requirements are met prior to official closeout of an award by OGCA. If you have questions, please contact Patrick Church.