The Department of Recreation, Adventure and Wellness (DRAW) has now changed our name to UAF Nanook Recreation. We are in the process of updating websites and other materials. You will still see the name DRAW around as we phase old materials out. Soon you will see new branding and imagery around campus. We feel this new name conveys our role on campus concisely.


It is our mission to provide the university community with opportunities and facilities to lead active, healthy lifestyles through sport and recreation on campus and out in the beautiful wilderness of Alaska.

Now Offering FREE shuttles to Ski Land

We have heard students love the Ski Land pass, but also heard a number of students can't get there since they don't have a car. Ski Land has offered a shuttle the last few years. Now Nanook Recreation has purchased some seats for UAF students, at no additional charge to the student.

Students can register using this Google Form. Please visit their website for details.

Students must sign-up in advance to ensure their seat. The driver will ask for you Ski Land Pass and Polar Express prior to boarding. If you sign-up for a time and don't show, you will not be allowed to sign-up again.

The bus schedule:
8:30am- UAF Wood Center

8:45am- Beaver Sports (please park in the back of the lot near Bun on the Run's location)

9:00am- Fred Meyers East (pickup near gas pumps)

9:45am- Arrive at Ski Land

The drop off schedule will be:*

5:15pm- Depart Ski Land

5:45pm- Fred Meyers East

6pm- Beaver Sports

6:15pm- UAF Wood Center

*Be aware these times will move back during the season, always watch for the updated times.

Carpooling is encouraged as parking is limited at Ski Land.

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