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Mission statement

It is the mission of Outdoor Adventures to foster personal growth and a spirit of adventure for the UAF community through education, experience and accessibility in the wilderness of Alaska and right here on campus.



Gear Rental 

Outdoor Adventures has a wide variety of rental gear for both summer and winter.  Canoes, rafts, backpacks and tents are our most popular summer items and XC skis, AT skis and ice climbing gear are our most popular items when winter arrives.  Please check out our price list for a complete list what we rent.  Also check out gear details tab to see the specifics about our gear.  Please give us a call at (907)474-6027 or email us at uaf-oa-staff@alaska.edu with any questions about our rentals

Hiking Kesugi Ridge
Wilderness Welcome Orientation Trip

Stay healthy and get out in the Alaska wilderness. A big part of enjoying life in Fairbanks is embracing an active, outdoor lifestyle. UAF Outdoor Adventures offers Wilderness Welcome Orientation before the traditional New Student Orientation. Start your time at UAF right by participating in this from August 19-23.

During Wilderness Welcome students from all over the U.S. and the world get to know each other while they explore Alaska's vast wilderness. No experience is required, but all students will be challenged. 

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Wickersham Dome Snowshoe
Outdoor Adventures Living Learning Community
The Outdoor Adventure's LLC brings together students with similar identities, values or needs. We have staff who support your experience within the residence halls and at the Outdoor Adventures office.  A successful first year of college looks different for every student, so we offer programs to appeal to a diverse set of interests and structure them so students are given opportunities to adjust to UAF academically as well as socially.
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Angel Creek
Angel Creek Cabin
This video presentation gives folks the information to do a winter trip into the Lower Angel Creek Cabin in the Chena State Recreation Area.  It also provides a blueprint for getting out to the many different public use cabin trips in the interior.  Lower Angel Creek Maps and Gear Listto go this Google drive file to download  the maps and gear lists for this trip.
Delta Clearwater Paddling
This video presentation provides the general information and logistics necessary to get out and enjoy the Delta Clearwater River.  Maps, gear list and a discussion of the hazards encountered on this trip are all included.  Click Here to go to the Google drive and download the maps and gear lists for this trip.
Mt Prindle Caribou
OA Hours

Outdoor Adventures is open Monday-Friday.  

During that time our hours are:

Monday 12-6pm

Tuesday 12-5pm

Wednesday and 12-5pm

Thursday 12-5pm

Friday 12-6pm