Discount Lift Tickets

Discounted Student Lift Tickets

UAF Nanook Recreation has worked with both Moose Mountain and Ski Land to offer a limited number of discounted day passes to students taking 6-credits or more. Please review the below FAQ for details on how to get a discounted ticket. Please don't call the mountains.

Moose Mountain
Ski Land

Lift Ticket program FAQ

After 7AM on each day of operation a limited number of day passes (10-15) will be made available on for each mountain open that day.

  1. Log-in with UA credentials (Click the Blue Button)
  2. Under the Outdoor Adventures icon, select Outdoor Adventures Trips classification
  3. Select either Ski Land or Moose Mtn Day Passes
  4. Purchase your pass for $10 using a Credit Card
  5. Take your e-mail receipt and UAF ID to the mountain to redeem for a lift ticket. Yes, you need your Polar Express.

The software will email you a receipt, but it wouldn't hurt to screen shot or take a picture as a backup. You will need this receipt and your ID at the mountain.

The mountain will not have $10 tickets for sale.

No regular shuttle is provided. There may be the occasional program through Outdoor Adventures.

No, only students enrolled for 6 credits in the current semester qualify. This means Fall student gets this deal until Dec. 31. On January 1, our system will load Spring students enrolled in 6 credits and make them qualified.

No, all other services at the mountain have additional costs.

No, but the number of passes available each day will vary as the season progresses. We only bought a defined amount of passes and need to allocate them carefully throughout the season.

At this time, you are allowed one per day. We do not have a policy that restricts the number of tickets you can get in a season. However, we reserve the right to change that. If we find the system is being abused or the same 20 students are monopolizing each day, we may be forced to implement limits.

Ski Land, Moose Mtn and UAF reserve the right to revoke a lift ticket at any time. Reckless use of the mountain and unsafe activities will not be tolerated. The student code of conduct applies to behavior at the mountain.

Nanook Recreation will only offer refunds to lift tickets if the mountain restricts operations after the lift ticket is purchased. For example, if you buy a lift ticket voucher for $10 at UAF, and you drive to Ski Land only to discover they are closed due to wind, we will refund you the following week at Outdoor Adventures.

If you get to the mountain and decide it is too cold for you, or your don't like skiing, or your forgot your receipt, we will not offer a refund.

We had a 5-year contract, with 2 additional years extended. Those contracts and relationships were great. Ski Land and UAF agreed this summer that the deal we had was too good and things needed to be renegoitiated. Additionally, given that we no longer had private donor dollars available to fund this program, we had to work fairly with both private ski areas in Fairbanks. We consulted with ASUAF and all agreed this was a fair compromise. It allows students to opportunity to ski for a steep discount. If students are planning to use the mountains a lot, they should consider a season pass.

Simple questions can be directed to Outdoor Adventures (474-6027) or the SRC Front Desk (474-5886). More complicated concerns and situations can be directed to Mark Oldmixon at or 907-474-6709. Please don't call the mountains.