Club Hockey

What is Club Hockey?

- Club hockey is a section of hockey that is tailored towards students looking to continue playing outside the scope of the NCAA collegiate hockey program.

What do you mean by "Tryouts"?

- "Tryouts/Assessments" is a loose term Nanook Recreation is using to gauge the interest and gather official numbers to define if our facility can offer a men's and women's club team or instead a co-ed team. 

Men vs Women?

- All students are welcome to join UAF club hockey! Further information will be given to interested students following assessments to define what this years club hockey team will look like. 

What level of hockey experience is required? 

- Any skill level is able to attend assessments/tryouts! 

Who would the club hockey team play? 

- Depending on the numbers gathered post assessments, UAF has been communicating with local hockey leagues to provide teams for games. 

 Would there be any traveling? 

- No. Starting this year, there will be no travel for the club hockey team. With hopeful spirits we can potentially implement travel to outside city tournaments the following season. 

Does UAF provide hockey gear to players? 

- UAF will not be providing gear for players. All players must provide their own equipment and full gear is required. UAF is hoping to provide jerseys to players at a later date.  

What will it cost to play? 

Players cost will be $100 per player.