Rules, forms and resources

Outdoor Adventures Trip Rules

  1. No drugs, alcohol or tobacco is allowed in the field on any OA trips.
  2. OA trips are for UAF Students, Staff and Faculty. People who sign up for trips may bring one guest who is not affiliated with UAF.
  3. OA trips are not intended for minors unless it is a specifically arranged for them.
  4. No pets may be brought on OA trips.
  5. No guns may be brought on OA trips.
  6. OA actively encourages participants to minimize their use of technology on our trips. This includes not: texting, making phone calls, posting on social media, or playing music aloud on devices while in the field.
  7. Everyone on OA trips will treat others respectfully. At OA, everyone fits in: We are diverse, attracting people of all ages and backgrounds, and everyone on our trips deserves to be treated respectfully.
  8. Participants on OA trips will strive to minimize their impact, and adhere to the Leave No Trace principles.

Outdoor Adventures Trips Refund Policy

Payment in full is required to sign up for a trip. A 100% refund is available if you notify the Outdoor Adventures Office of the cancellation more than two weeks (14 days) before the first day of the trip. Cancellation one week to 3 days (13 to 3 days) before the trip entitles the participant to a 50% refund. No refund is provided if the participant does not show up or cancels 2 days prior to the trip.

Outdoor Adventures Trip Waivers

Specific risks and objective hazards listed on each trip type

Alaska Outdoor Information

As our mission statement indicates, one service our office provides is advice, trip suggestions, and information about different areas. We are committed to helping students get out into and experience the beauty of Alaska's wild places. In addtion to knowledgable staff we have many of the local guide books and maps available for folks at UAF to read and get inspired. Please come in to see us if you want to chat about ways to get out in our great state.

Additional Resources