Outdoor Leadership Conference

UA Students: April 6-8, 2024

Public: April 6, 2024 cost is $25 for public. This includes a catered lunch with access to our informational sessions and guest speaker talks. 

This will be our 2nd UA Outdoor Leadership Conference hosted in Fairbanks, AK. 

General itinerary: 
April 6th - Open to the public & students
Location: UAF Campus. Mingle with conference attendees and listen to lectures from leaders in our local outdoor community. 
April 7th - UA Students only
Location: Twin Bears Camp. Enjoy the Chena Recreation Area to the fullest with opportunities for skill building, skiing, walking, and soaking in Chena Hot Springs. 
April 8th - UA Students only
Location: Twin Bears Camp. Conference concludes with a final group breakfast. 
Full itinerary and packing list available upon registration.