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Mission statement

It is the mission of Outdoor Adventures to foster personal growth and a spirit of adventure for the UAF community through education, experience and accessibility in the wilderness of Alaska and right here on campus.



Delta Clearwater Paddling
This video presentation provides the general information and logistics necessary to get out and enjoy the Delta Clearwater River.  Maps, gear list and a discussion of the hazards encountered on this trip are all included.  Click Here to go to the Google drive and download the maps and gear lists for this trip.
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Pitch 1 Jack River
Jack River Ice

This video presentation gives folks the information to do an ice climbing trip to the frozen falls in the Jack River Valley off of the Denali Highway.  This long day in the mountains takes you to one of the best pitches of ice in Interior Alaska.  The dramatic mountain setting also adds to this adventure.  Click here to  get a copy of route information, maps and a gear list.  

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Wickersham Dome Snowshoe
Outdoor Adventures Living Learning Community
The Outdoor Adventure's LLC brings together students with similar identities, values or needs. We have staff who support your experience within the residence halls and at the Outdoor Adventures office.  A successful first year of college looks different for every student, so we offer programs to appeal to a diverse set of interests and structure them so students are given opportunities to adjust to UAF academically as well as socially.
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Angel Creek
Angel Creek Cabin
This video presentation gives folks the information to do a winter trip into the Lower Angel Creek Cabin in the Chena State Recreation Area.  It also provides a blueprint for getting out to the many different public use cabin trips in the interior.  Lower Angel Creek Maps and Gear List to go this Google drive file to download  the maps and gear lists for this trip.
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Mt Prindle
Mt Prindle Backpacking
This video presentation gives folks the information to do a backpacking trip into the Mount Prindle area in the White Mountains Recreation area.  This great hike takes you up a valley and onto an alpine ridge that has dramatic granite spires rising out of the tundra all around you.  You can camp in the valley or on the ridgetop.  From camp you can do the scrambly ascent of Mount Prindle which is the tallest peak in the White Mountains.  Click here for Maps and Gear Lists.
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Guide Cover
Insiders Guide to Grapefruit Rocks
This video presentation gives folks the information about Grapefruit Rocks that can be nice supplemental information to the guide book.  In 2021 an updated version of the guide book was published with the additional information that is discussed in this video.  Some of the highlights and route circuits are helpful to make the most of your day at the crag.  Here is the link to the updated information between the 2015 and 2021 guide if you happen to have an older guidebook.    
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Red Rock Canyon
Family Alaska Range Adventure
This video presentation gives folks the information to have a long weekend of fun and adventures in the Eastern Alaska Range.  The Gulkana Glacier, Red Rock Canyon Road and Fossil Creek provide the dramatic scenery for this weekend in the mountains.  Click here for Maps and Gear Lists.
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Outdoor Adventures staff


Christian Mogensen
Assistant coordinator for climbing programs

Christian has worked as a member of the climbing wall staff since the spring of 2013. Hailing from Denmark, Christian has been living in Alaska since January 2012. He is a graduate student in the Northern and Arctic Studies program and is conducting research on optimal experience (aka Flow) in outdoor recreation activities. Christian loves spending time with his family, and spending time outside rock and ice climbing and mountaineering.

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, PCIA CWI Provider, PCIA CWI-L, PCIA SPI, Swift Water Rescue Technician, ACA Canoeing Level 1&2, USA Climbing Level 1 route setter, Alaska Avalanche School Avi 1

Frank in Gulkana
Frank Olive
Outdoor Adventures Coordinator

Frank worked as a staff member for Outdoor Adventures since 2010. Frank has lived in and played in Alaska for 30 years, and loves exploring the mountains on foot or on skis. Climbing and skiing are his main passions when he is not hanging out with his kids. Frank also enjoys exploring Alaska in a kayak, raft and packraft as well as doing bike tours around the world.

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder, AAA Pro 1 Avalanche,  AAA Rec 1 Provider,  AMGA Apprentice Rock Guide, PCIA SPI, AMGA Alpine Skills Course, AK Avalanche School Avy 1 and Avy 2, PCIA CWI-L, USSA Level 100 Alpine Coach, ACA Level 1-2 Coastal Kayak Instructor, Swiftwater Rescue Technician, USA Climbing Level 1 Route Setter, ACA Level 1-3 Canoe, AMGA SPI and CWI-L (expired 11/17)

Joy Lomelino
Joy Lomelino
Student Employee

Joy has been working at OA since the Fall 2022 semester. Growing up in Alaska has shaped her love for outdoor adventure no matter the season.  When she's not in class she loves to be out backpacking, climbing,  or skiing.

Credentials: Wilderness First Responder

Dorothy Pic
Dorothy Sherer
Student Employee

Dorothy started working for Outdoor Adventures in Fall 2022. While she was raised in Indiana, she feels right at home exploring the wilderness of Alaska. Dorothy came to UAF to study biology, and when she's not studying, you can find her hiking, climbing, skiing, hammocking, or petting the nearest cat or dog she finds on campus. 

Credentials: Wilderness First Aid

Aria W
Aria Workman
Student Employee

Aria transferred to UAF from Bellingham WA for a degree in Biology. Her goal is to be a physician assistant. Her favorite outdoor activities are mountaineering and backpacking with her dog.

Credentials: Wilderness First Aid

Hazel P
Hazel Probst
Student Employee

Hazel, born and raised in Fairbanks, has been working at OA since the beginning of 2023. She studies Anthropology and Environmental Politics at UAF, but in her free time you can find her skiing, running, climbing, or yogaing. She has her Wilderness First Aid Certification and is super excited to get paid to be outdoors.

Credentials: Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder, EMT-1

Max Powell
Student Employee

Max grew up in Anchorage Alaska and began working for Outdoor Adventures in the Fall of 2023. Growing up in Alaska instilled in him a deep passion for the outdoors. In his spare time he is usually planning the next weekend trip. His recent favorite outdoor activities include ice climbing, skiing, packrafting and climbing.

Credentials: Alaska Avalanche School Avi 1
Shannon Williams
Student Employee

Shannon was born in Fairbanks, AK and  grew up around the UAF campus. Due to her love for the tight-knit community that Fairbanks provides, she decided to enroll at UAF and is majoring in the Geosciences. When she is not studying or working, you can find her snowboarding, backpacking, rock climbing, floating a river, or looking for cool rocks. 

Credentials: Swiftwater Rescue, Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder

Bio Pic
Alex Patton
Student Employee

Alex began working for Outdoor Adventures in Fall 2023, and is a Geoscience major. Recently moving from Texas, he is able to pursue newly available winter sports while continuing to hike, fish, and kayak. If he's not in the office or doing homework, you can find him trudging to upper campus for chem.

Credentials: Wilderness First Aid 

Abby Eberhardt
Student Employee

Abby was born and raised in Fairbanks, Alaska and started at Outdoor Adventures in fall 2023. She grew up camping and fishing with her family, and continues to fulfill her passion for the outdoors by backpacking, alpine skiing, and skijouring with her dog. Abby is currently a student at UAF studying biology. 

Credentials: Wilderness First Aid, Wilderness First Responder 

Kaija Backus
Student Employee


Kaija grew up in Wasilla, Alaska and enjoys hiking, Nordic skiing, and camping in her free time. She began working at Outdoor Adventures in fall 2023 and is majoring in psychology. 

Credentials: Wilderness First Aid 

Micah Kanz
Student Employee

Micah came to UAF in 2022 from  the Berkshires, Massachusetts, in pursuit of a degree in Natural Resources & Environment. He enjoys many outdoor activities including skiing, mountain biking, and climbing. He began working for Outdoor Adventures in fall of 2023.  

Credentials: Wilderness First Aid 

Helen Willard
Student Employee

Helen grew up in Colorado, where her love for outdoor activities began. She is majoring in Geoscience at UAF and her fascination for rocks extends to her interest in rock climbing. Helen began working for Outdoor Adventures in fall 2023 and is super excited to further explore Alaska outside!

Credentials: Wilderness First Aid 

Sam Orange Kayak
Samuel Stone
Assistant Coordinator of Outdoor Adventures

Sam is the most recent addition to the Outdoor Adventures staff. He grew up in midcoast Maine and has always been drawn to outdoor pursuits. Sam's undergradute studies focused on Outdoor Based Environmental Education and he recently finished a Master's program in Cultural Foundations of Education at Syracuse University. 

Certifications: Wilderness First Responder, Swiftwater, American Canoe Association L4 Sea Kayak Instuctor, American Canoe Association L4 Whitewater Kayak Instructor