Personal training

Personal training may be delayed due to staffing limitations. Please fill out the registration form below and a staff member will contact you about current availability.


Types of personal training sessions offered

One on one training

Weekly meetings with  a personal trainer who leads you through an individual workout session.

Sessions last a maximum of 60 minutes.

Written program with orientation

Not a fan of always having to work your schedule around your trainer's availability? Sign up for a written program and orientation.

We will assess you, write a program to meet your individual needs and teach it to you over 2 to 3 sessions, then you do the program on your own time. 

Each session will last a maximum of 60 minutes.

Step 1

Buy a session online or at the front desk in the SRC.

Purchase session

Step 2

Step 3

Wait for your email to set up your appointment for an assessment.

Orientation session will last a maximum of 60 minutes.

Step 4

After your assessment you will be assigned your personal trainer.