Design and Construction

The Division of Design and Construction provides planning, design, construction, and facility modifications services for UAF’s facilities across all campuses and remote research sites. 

  Design and Construction services include the following:
  • Capital Planning and management of the Deferred Renewal Program
  • Campus Engineering Services-Civil, Electrical, Mechanical
  • UAF Design Standards
  • Facility Modifications
  • Campus Master Planning
  • Complete Project Delivery Services from concept development through construction and commissioning.
    • Project Management and full coordination of internal and external resources
    • Design Services, both in-house and contracted
    • Project delivery method analysis and implementation
    • Quality Assurance and Construction Monitoring
  • Building Space Data Management
    • Building Plans Archive
    • Master Floor Plan Management
  • All Design and construction procurement and contract management for UAF
    • Delegated to DDC by the Chief Procurement Officer
  • Computer Aided Drafting Services and land surveying
  • Environmental Studies, Project Permitting, and Cultural Surveys
  • Coordination for all building permit applications to the UAF Fire Marshal’s Office
Bids and proposals

UAF requires all bids and proposals to be submitted electronically.

Solicitations will be posted to the University’s Bid Express Website on the date listed in the Notice of Invitation Bids. or Request for Proposals.

As a vendor, register and review each solicitation intend to submit electronically on, prior to bidding.

Navigation of the Bid Express Service is FREE to all vendors wishing to submit a bid on a University Alaska Fairbanks solicitation (these solicitations will be marked with a FREE flag on the Bid Express website).

If you need additional assistance, please contact the Division of Design and Construction during business hours or call the Bid Express Customer Support Team at 888-352-2439, available Monday - Friday from 3:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m. (EST) also email the Bid Express team at or refer to the vendor resource page here.



Director: Cameron Wohlford

Fax: 907-474-7554

Mailing Address: 
PO Box 758160
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775-8160

Physical Address: 
1850 Tanana Loop
Fairbanks, Alaska 99775

DDC Staff: Staff Directory

Design information

UAF Facilities CADD Standard (PDF) - The current UAF Facilities CADD Standard was adopted in June 2016. Minimum requirements for CAD, BIM (Building Information Modeling), and GIS (Geographic Information Systems) files submitted to UAF as part of a contract or project shall meet these standards. Both BIM and GIS portions of the standard are brief as detailed standards are still under development. The CAD portion of the standard references the National CAD Standard v6 extensively- a link is provided below for your convenience.

National CAD Standard V6 (Website)

UAF Standard Title Block - All projects may use primary consultant's Title Block. If needed, the UAF Title Block is provided below as a pdf sample, .dwg file, with a separate attribute .dwg file for insertion as a block in each sheet file containing the title block. Insertions shall all occur at 0,0 in layout space.

22x34 Title blocks:

UAF Plot Style Settings - UAF standard plot settings use a .ctb file, or a color based plot table. The colors and their assigned weights are per the pdf file linked below and the .ctb file is provided for your use. Please note, the .ctb is provided for your convenience but you are not required to convert your files to this plotting standard.

For further information, contact Ryan Lind at 474-5020 or

For further information contact Cameron Wohlford at 474-2627 or

All files below are downloadable PDFs and will require Adobe reader or similar program to view them.

Additional Documents

Capital Planning

The goal of the Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) is to ensure that the necessary facilities, equipment and infrastructure are in place for the continued growth, refinement and improvement of the university as prescribed in the UA Strategic Plan.

What is a capital project?

A capital project is a project with a total cost in excess of $50,000, excluding movable equipment, that creates an new building with a useful life in excess of one year, extends the useful life of an existing building, or corrects a significant backlog of code correction, handicapped barrier removal, or life/plant protection projects.  A capital project also includes acquisitions of large equipment and construction of improvements for modernization, emerging technologies,  and other improvements from the room level to building wide.  Funding for these projects may be through capital appropriations (state or federal), operating budgets, gifts, grants or bond proceeds.

The capital request form is not intended for facilities modifications. A facilities modification is used for space changes such as:

  • change in size/shape/access
  • change in use
  • change in assignment

For facilities modifications, please use the form on this site.

What is the capital plan process?

Submit a capital project

University of Alaska

Resource information for UA's budget request

Additional information

UAF Facilities Services and UAF EHSRM actively manage all roof mounted antennas and equipment to ensure compliance with current safety regulations and the UAF Campus Master Plan. Campus users requesting the installation of such equipment should follow the submission request process at these links. A DDC Project Manager will be assigned to the request to assist through the process.

Protection of Minors UAF Policy 05.09.041

Nondiscrimination Regents' Policy P01.02.025

Possession of Weapons, Traffic and Parking Regents' Policy 02.09.020, 030 (PDF)

Use of Alcohol, Drugs or Tobacco Products Regents' Policy 05.12.102, 103, 104 (PDF)

Key and Lock Policy  UAF Policy 05.08.01

Special projects