North Campus

Skiing polar bear

The North Campus area of the University of Alaska Fairbanks is a unique and valuable resource for the university. North Campus consists of approximately 1,100 acres of largely forested land on the north-to-northwest side of campus. The area provides valuable research, education, and recreation opportunities for UAF faculty, staff and students, visiting educators and scientists, and community members.

To host an event or start a research project contact

Phone: 907-474-5903
Fax: 907-474-5656

P.O. Box 757380
Fairbanks, AK 99775

803 Alumni Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99775

North Campus Manager

Brittany Van Eck

Phone: 907-474-5903


Trails Manager

Jason Garron


User guidelines

Winter use of the North Campus area has designated ski, walking, and snowshoe and dog-friendly trails. During the summer, trails are multi-use. Users are encouraged to follow trail etiquette and respect everyone’s right to use the trails.

Things to remember when out and about in the North Campus area:

North Campus Plan (Image)
North Campus Plan
  • Tread lightly
  • Stay on designated trails
  • Do not disturb research projects, plots, markers or equipment
  • No camping
  • No fires
  • Respect the wildlife — enjoy watching, but don’t hassle them
  • No hunting or trapping
  • Only authorized vehicles allowed access, when conditions allow
  • Carry in, carry out. Please respect the area — don’t litter
  • No walking, snowshoeing, biking or taking dogs on designated ski trails
  • Carry a trail map and be familiar with it
  • Try not to skate ski over the classic tracks
  • Let others know that you are approaching them from behind by calling out “track” or “on your left”
  • Move off the trail as quickly as possible after a fall to avoid collisions
  • Fill in any holes made after a fall
  • Downhill skiers have the right of way
  • Follow the direction of the trail; ski to the right on two-way trails
  • Move off the trail to allow grooming equipment to pass
  • Remember that you too were once a beginner
  • Enjoy the trails!
  • Summer trails are open to all non-motorized use
  • Wet and muddy areas are more vulnerable to damage. When the trail is soft, avoid the area
Excerpt of UAF Policy 05.09.001
  • The animal shall be restrained at all times.
  • The animal handler or owner shall be responsible for the immediate disposal of animal waste
  • Animals may not be tethered to university buildings, structures, motor vehicles, trees, railings, light poles, benches, parking meters, posts, etc.
  • The handler or owner shall assume all financial responsibility for damage to property or injury to individuals caused by the animal. 

Trail conditions and grooming


Trails Trail Type Distance in KM Groomed Tracks Set
Lighted Trails        
Stadium Skate/Double Classic .27 12/6 11/30
Potato Field Skate/Single Classic .69 12/6 11/30
Learning Area Skate/Double Classic   12/6  
T-Field Road Skate/Double Classic 1.29 12/6 11/30
Unlighted Trails        
Midnight Express Loop Skate/Single Classic 1.77 11/17 11/21
T-Field Skate/Single Classic 1.35 12/6 11/30
T-Field Smith Lake Connector Skate/Double Classic .66 12/6  
T-Field Smith Lake Connector Classic Only 1.05 11/30 11/30
Smith Lake Access Trail Skate   11/13  
Smith Lake Skate/ Classic 1.13 12/6 11/20
Estle Connector Skate/Single Classic 1.16 12/6 11/30
Karl Reishus Trail Skate/Single Classic 1.05 12/6 11/20
Skarland Trail (N of Ballaine Lake) Skate/Single Classic 1.93 12/6 11/30
Skarland Trail (S of Ballaine Lake) Skate/Single Classic 1.29 12/6 11/30
Skarland Estle to LARS Classic Only 1.21 11/30 11/30
Viereck Nature Trail Skate/Single Classic .48 12/6 11/21
Beaver Slide Trail Classic Only .73 11/30 11/30
Baseline Trail Classic Only 1.29 11/30 11/30
Turn Around Trail Classic Only .48 11/30 11/30
T-Field to Beaver Slide Classic Only .19 11/30 11/30
Big Whizzy Loop Skate/Single Classic 2.57 12/6 11/21
SRC Trail Commuter trail 1.01 11/15  
Walking & Snowshoe         
Tanana Loop to Farmers Loop Walking & Snowshoe .68 11/14  
Smith Lake Walking & Snowshoe .68 11/14  
Cutler Apt Loop Walking & Snowshoe   11/14  
Commuter Trails        
T-Field Road Commuter 1.29 11/16  
T-Field to LARS Commuter .71 11/14  
Sheep Creek Road  Commuter   11/14