Indoor Plant Program

JoAnn Stagno leads the UAF Indoor Plant Program for Facilities Services by adorning common areas on the Fairbanks campus with healthy plants without compromising safety.
UAF photo by JR Ancheta

The UAF Indoor Plant Program (IPP) is a campuswide partnership endeavor with a threefold mission, to 1) restore the health of plants residing in public/common areas, 2) create an aesthetically pleasing environment, and 3) ensure the purpose of the area/room is functioning properly and without impediments or safety issues.

We offer five services for plants within public/common areas:

  1. Preservation: Transplant, stake & tie, fertilize, feed, trim, prune, propagate, etc.
  2. Infirmary: Have a sick plant? We will attempt to nurse it back to health in our plant sanitarium.
  3. Donate/adopt-a-plant: No plant left behind! If you don’t want it — we do! Retiring? Graduating? We’ll find your plant a new home.
  4. Plant-sitting: Vacation? Winter break? Spring break? Summer break? Extended sick leave? Let us make sure your plants don’t miss you too much by allowing us to take care of them until you return.
  5. Plant care information:  Contact us, and we will help you identify your plant and provide care information. Click here to view or download our Indoor Plant Program care sheets.

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