Services A to Z

The following information is listed to clarify definitions, purposes, processes, billing, and responsibility regarding various systems, equipment, and facilities. Items are periodically reviewed by UAF Facilities Services management team and updated when necessary. 


If you have any questions or would like to add to this list, please contact:

Karrah Hearns
Customer Service Manager

Phone: 907-474-7617

  • Window Air Conditioning Units:  Prior approval must be received from Facilities Services before a department may purchase individual air conditioning units.  Installation and maintenance for these units will be billable to the department.  
  • Central Air Conditioning Units: Facilities Services maintains and repairs all central air conditioners using maintenance funds. 
  • DETEX ALARMS:  These alarms are located on interior or exterior doors.  The purpose of detex alarms is to discourage use of doors unless in an emergency.  Once the alarm is set off, it will continue ringing until it is either reset or the batteries go dead. 

    All repairs are made by Facilities Services using maintenance funding.

  • FIRE ALARMS:  Fire alarms sound when smoke or fire is detected.  The UAF Fire Department responds to alarms and Facilities Services assists in resetting or repairing alarms using maintenance funds.

  • MAGLOCK/FIRE DOORS:  These are doors that have a magnet at the top, keeping the door shut.  The magnets release if a fire alarm sounds or if someone leans against it for more than 15 seconds. 

    All repairs are made by Facilities Services using maintenance funding.

  • MAGNETIC DOOR HOLD OPENS:  Magnets hold these doors open and release and close when the fire alarm is activated.  When the fire alarm is reset, it reactivates the magnet.  Initial installation of these hold opens is billable to the departments. 

    Repairs are performed by Facilities Services using maintenance funding.

  • SMOKE DETECTORS - NON-REPORTING: Non-reporting smoke alarms are installed in private residence units on campus. 

    Facilities Services replaces bad detectors using maintenance funds.  Any malfunctioning detectors or detectors requiring battery replacements should be immediately reported to Residence Life at 474-7247.

UAF has an Antenna / Equipment Placement Policy in effect to improve the aesthetic appearance of the UAF campus by regulating placement of antennas and other scientific equipment on buildings and grounds. 

  • COMMERCIAL REFRIGERATION:  Commercial refrigeration appliances are used in the retail food and cold storage warehouse sectors.  These units use a non-typical refrigerant gas for ultra-low temperatures.  This type of equipment is located in the food service areas of LT Commons, Wood Center, Arctic Health and Hess Commons.  Cold storage includes the equipment used to store meat, produce, dairy, laboratory specimens and other perishable goods in those areas and classrooms and labs on campus.  All of the equipment contains large refrigerant charges typically over 75 pounds.  Repairs and maintenance to commercial refrigeration units are billable to departments for repairs and maintenance.  The exception is made for built-in units for labs, which are repaired using maintenance funding. 
  • KITCHEN:  Kitchen appliances located in residential buildings are maintained and repaired by Facilities Services using Res Life funds.  Kitchen appliances located in Dining Services areas are repaired by Facilities Services and are billed to Dining Services.  Facilities Services will repair kitchen appliances such as refrigerators or microwaves for departments, but they are billable to departments.

  • REFRIGERATION:  Refrigeration appliances are defined as any device using Class I (CFC) or Class II (HCFC) substances as a refrigerant and used for household or commercial purposes, including air conditioners, refrigerators, chillers and freezers.  Those appliances belonging to departments are billable to the department for all maintenance and repairs.  Refrigerators located in residential buildings are repaired using Res Life funds.


Autoclaves are pressurized, steam-heated vessels used for sterilization.  These autoclaves are located in various labs on campus and are repaired by Facilities Services using maintenance funds.

See “Signs”.

Facilities Services has several small grills and one large grill (on wheels).  Departments must supply an account number for the delivery and pickup of grills.  The large grill must be requested ahead of time and the department must furnish all the charcoal.  If the grill is not returned clean, the department will also be charged for the cleaning.  Facilities Services must deliver and pick up all BBQ grills.

Bicycles locked to anything other than a sanctioned bike racks (i.e. trees, handrails, light posts) will be removed. Sustainability runs a “Green Bike” program downstairs in the Nordic House. 

  • BIKE RACKS: Facilities Services Operations Superintendent approves all requests for new bicycle racks.  Depending on the situation, the department may be charged for the installation of a new rack.  Bicycles parked or stored inside of buildings, including entrances or exits, may impede disable persons or emergency personnel and will be removed.
  • BIKE LOCKERS: Bicycle lockers are available for rent through Parking Services.  All reports of vandalism and repair work needed should be directed to Parking Services prior to any work being performed.  All requested repairs and maintenance will be charged to Parking Services.


See “Window Coverings”.

Only glass-enclosed corkboards are allowed in hallways and corridors.  Existing boards without glass are “grandfathered” until replaced, at which time glass enclosed boards must be installed per the UAF Fire Marshall.  Initial installation is billable to the department; however, Facilities Services maintains and repairs boards after installation.  Boards in classrooms, including whiteboards, chalkboards and bulletin boards are installed, maintained and repaired using either maintenance or classroom funding accounts.  Chalk and markers are provided by the Custodial Department at no charge.

Bus shelters are provided for the comfort of campus users so that they may park their vehicles and wait in a warm environment for the Campus Shuttle bus.   Bus shelters are located in the Nenana, Taku and Wood Center parking lots.  All three shelters are heated during the winter.   All cleaning and repairs on the buildings are performed by Facilities Services using parking services funds.

  • OIT Telecommunications  installs telephone cable, ethernet data cable, fiber optic cable and many other special use cables.  For questions or to submit a work request, contact them at 450-8300 or OIT Telecommunications page.


The carillon system provides “musical chimes” that are heard on the lower campus.  The speakers for the carillon are located on top of the Gruening building. 

All repairs are performed by Facilities Services using maintenance funds.

Facilities Services maintains and repairs all clocks in public areas and classrooms, including all building master clock systems using maintenance funds.  Individual clocks in department offices are billable and departments provide their own batteries. 


Facilities Services Warehouse provides several types of bottled compressed gases.  Gas cylinders can be ordered directly through the Facilities Services Warehouse by calling 907-474-6779 or by using the online Compressed Gas Order Form.

Lockdowns are defined as security devices used to secure computers and electronic components.  Statewide Risk Management provides lockdowns for computers at no charge.  Facilities Services charges the departments for installation only. 

All repairs and relamping of existing display cases in building hallways is performed by Facilities Services using maintenance funds.  Requests to build or supply new display cases are billable to the department.

Use of outside sources to repair or change any doors or locks on campus is strictly prohibited Facilities Services performs all repairs and maintenance to building doors campus wide Door or lock malfunctions should be reported to Customer Service Center at 907-474-7000 or online via EWORF.

Card Readers or Swipes:

  • All Card Access reader problems are covered by maintenance funds (departments pay annual service fees, i.e. department “owned”).   Interior doors Card Access readers are generally covered by departments paying the annual service fee.  Building entries are generally covered by maintenance funds (Facilities owned), with some exceptions, Akasofu, BiRD, ETTM, Kuskokwim Campus, Library, Murie, Museum, Richardson Site, Vet Med (Irving 1)
  • Please direct all requests for new card access installations to the Security Systems Manager (currently James Schropp at 907-474-5309.)  The requestor will be provided an explanation of the program and all costs associated with the card access installation and maintenance.

Combination Locks:

  • Classrooms: New installation of combination locksets is billable to the department, but repairs and combination changes are performed by Facilities Services using maintenance funding.
  • Combination locks on any other academic office or dorm room:  Installation and repairs to combinations locks is performed by Facilities Services and billable to the departments.


All re-keying of door locks is performed by Facilities Services and is billable to the requesting department.


The Issuance of new or replacement keys is performed by the Facilities Services Key Issue Office.  Office hours are 8:00 a.m.– 5:00 p.m., Monday – Friday.

Here is a link to the full UAF Key and Lock Policy. Here is a link to the UAF Online Key Request Form.

PIN (Personal Identification Number) and Access Codes:

All changes and additions of PIN’s are performed by Facilities Services using maintenance funds.  Requests for changes are to be routed through the FS Key Issue office to ensure that proper paperwork is completed.


Electronic work order requests are the preferred method for submission of work order requests to Facilities Services.  By using this electronic form you receive an email confirmation when your request is received, a second email when a work order number is assigned to the request and a final email when the work order is closed.  With the work order number, you are able to research the work order online to see work performed and charges accrued.   The EWORF can be found online here.

Emergency telephones are located in strategic locations around campus and are used for any emergency situation.  These telephones ring into the University Emergency Communications Center and are responded to by the UAF Police Department.  OIT’s Telephone Services division installs and repairs the phone systems and Facilities Services maintenance repairs all other components of the system (blue lights, etc).  See the Campus Map for telephone locations.

Facilities Services will provide written cost estimates for departments upon request.  This includes work for which the department may be fiscally responsible such as moving offices, installing furniture, etc.  For more information call the Customer Service Center at 907-474-7000 or request an estimate via EWORF.

Emergency eyewash and shower stations are located in many classrooms, labs and utility rooms throughout campus.  Repairs to existing eyewash and shower stations are performed by Facilities Services using maintenance funds. 

Any changes to a room or building that may or may not change the building structure (including the installation of electrical outlets) require that a facilities modification be performed.  The users or occupants of the specific space must submit a work request and select the proper coding for a Facilities Modification to ensure the request is designated as such.  For more information contact the Customer Service Center at 907-474-7000.

In case of a fire, pull the fire alarm, evacuate the building immediately, and then call “911”.

  • Fire extinguishers are installed in elevator and mechanical rooms campus wide.  All fire extinguishers located in UAF buildings are inspected yearly.
  • Fire Sprinklers are installed to allow occupants safe passage out of a building during a fire. All modifications, repairs and testing are performed by UAF Facilities Services.

See also “Alarms”.


Facilities Services provides:

  • Gas and Diesel: are available from fuel pumps located in the Physical Plant parking lot 8F.  Gas cards for UAF vehicles are available from the Facilities Services Warehouse.  Contact them at 474-6779 or online.
  • Propane for lab equipment.  Repairs and maintenance to propane piping is completed by Facilities Services. 

See also “Propane”.


  • Department and office furnishings are the responsibility of each department and all requests for repairs and installation are billable to the department.
  • Residence Life provides all furniture for housing facilities.
  • New classroom furniture is purchased by Facilities Services.  Facilities Services inspects and rearranges classroom furniture, including podiums, prior to each semester.  Facilities Services, at the request of Disability Services, also installs special ADA furniture.


Replacements for locks on cabinets and other furniture are billable to the requesting department.   Facilities Services lock shop can fabricate some types of keys but others must be special ordered. 

Graffiti should be immediately reported to Customer Service at 907-474-7000 or via EWORF.   Every effort will be made to remove it as quickly as possible. 

Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM) coordinate hazardous waste disposal, procedures and policies.  Please do not dispose of hazardous waste in receptacles, containers or dumpsters provided for normal day-to-day refuse collection.  By law, such items including batteries, ink, solvents or electronic parts must be disposed of separately.  For more information, see the EHSRM website  or contact them at 907-474-5413 for more information.

Head bolt outlets are provided to faculty, staff and students to keep cars warm during the cold weather months. The majority of campus head bolts cycle on and off as temperatures fluctuate. To see the schedule of operation for head bolts, see Parking Lot Headbolts.

The Industrial Hygienist at Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management (EHSRM) monitors indoor air quality. Any concerns or questions about air quality, unusual odors or persistent stuffiness should be directed to EHSRM at 907-474-6771.

The Indoor Plant Program will help you take care of your plants. Check us out at Indoor Plant Program or call 907-474-7000.

The University of Alaska is covered for property and liability exposures through a combination of self-insurance and excess insurance programs with large deductibles.  Losses that fall within these deductible levels, including those for which the university is contractually liable, are covered by the financial resources of the university and are administered under the university’s self-insured claims program.  Departments are required to file individual claims through Statewide Risk Management. For more information about claims, see the System Office of Risk Services website.

Facilities Services maintains both interior and exterior building lighting as well as parking lot and street lighting, using maintenance funds with the following exceptions:

  • Desk lamps
  • Under shelf cabinet lighting
  • Full spectrum lighting

Contact Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management (EHSRM) to arrange for the collection of any used light bulbs from campus departments free of charge.  Please contact EHSRM at 907-474-5413 or visit their website for more information or to schedule pickup of used light bulbs.


Facilities Services has the capability to perform sheet metal fabrication using a wide variety of metals for research, maintenance and construction projects.  All department requests are billable.  A work request must be submitted prior to any work being performed. Submit a work request via EWORF.

Facilities Services provides a variety of moving services for all campus departments at both on and off campus locations.  These services include moving or rearranging of office furniture, relocation of supplies, excess materials and lab equipment.  We also provide the setup and takedown of tables and chairs for special events.  All services are billable to the department and a work order request must be submitted prior to work being performed. Submit a work request via EWORF.

 Facilities Services Warehouse can be supply colored copy paper, white printer and fax paper and tractor feed paper.  Order online here or 907-474-6779.

Parking lots are provided throughout campus for the convenience of all faculty, students and staff. There are also parking lots available that provide shuttle service throughout campus.  Those lots are the Taku and Ballaine lots located on Taku Drive and the Nenana lots located on Tanana Loop.  All repairs and maintenance to parking lots including patching, painting, snow removal, sanding and cleaning, are performed by Facilities Services using maintenance and operations funds.  

See also “Snow Removal” and “Shuttle Bus”.

Performance Standards adapted by Facilities Services are available for review online here.

Facilities Services contracts with a professional exterminating company to treat areas where problems occur.  This includes silverfish, voles, bee or hornets nest, squirrels, etc.  All pest problems should be reported to Customer Service at 907-474-7000.

Playground equipment is located in the following areas on campus:  Chatanika-Bunnell Daycare, Hess Village, and MacLean House and at Chandalar and Tanana Drive. 

Repairs are performed by Facilities Services, though prior approval must be made by the Operations Superintendent.

Procurement Shared Services is available to all UAF departments and can assist on anything from small local orders requiring pickup and delivery, routine online procard orders and requisition entry for large or complex procurements. See Warehouse and Procurement Shared Services.

Facilities Services Warehouse contracts with a private vendor for the delivery of propane, which is provided for use in various labs on campus.  

Any reports of propane smells should be directed to 911 and Environmental Health, Safety and Risk Management at 907-474-5413. 

See also “Fuel”.

UAF highly encourages campus wide recycling of paper, aluminum and glass.

  • Environmental dumpsters for paper products are located throughout campus; blue recycle paper trashcans are available in most classrooms and offices on campus. 
  • To request blue recycle paper trashcans for your office, contact Facilities Services at 907-474-7000.
  • Recycling of aluminum cans and glass is provided by the Associated Students UAF.   Students will collect recycled cans from departments upon request.   A recycle bin for glass bottles is located in the Taku parking lot.  For more information on cans and glass, contact ASUAF at 907-474-7355 or online at ASUAF's website.


See “Appliances”.

See “Transportation”.

Reverse osmosis is the process in which purified water is obtained from a salt solution.  Water passes through a semi permeable membrane under pressure.  RO water is provided to labs on campus by the Facilities Services Utilities Division.

All repairs and maintenance on RO water systems is performed by Facilities Services.

  • Indoor Range:  The indoor rifle range is located in the Patty Gym.
  • Outdoor Range:  The outdoor rifle range is located off Farmers Loop Road behind Ballaine Lake.

Facilities Services provides the majority of repairs and maintenance; however, some repairs or renovations may be billable to the department.  All work requests must have prior approval by the Maintenance or Operations Superintendents prior to scheduling.


Facilities Services provides traction control by sanding all campus streets, parking lots, walkways, handicap ramps and stairs.  Contact the Customer Service Center at 907-474-7000 for any areas that may require immediate attention.
See “Alarms”.
Facilities Services Transportation Services department provides a full shuttle bus service during the academic year and a reduced service during the summer months for all students, faculty and staff.  Arrangements may also be made to provide shuttle service for disabled persons by contacting Transportation Services at 907-474-5875.

Exterior Street/Parking/Directional Signs:

All exterior street, parking lot and directional signs are installed and maintained by Facilities Services.  Approval must be received from the Operations Superintendent prior to any installation.

Interior Building Signs:

All directional and room signs are fabricated and installed by Facilities Services to ensure consistency and to meet regulations.

  • All directories are fabricated and installed by Facilities Services using maintenance funding and are of a standard design.  
  • Desk nameplates, business hours signs and signs for fabric dividers are provided and installed by Facilities Services and are billable to the department.

Exterior Building Signs:

Facilities Services installs and maintains all exterior building signs.  Signs must be approved in advance by the Operations Superintendent.  Most signs are provided using maintenance or operations funding, however, there are some instances when these signs may be billable to a department.

Street Banners:

Banners are provided by University Relations and are installed by Facilities Services using department funds.

UAF ski trail lights are activated from dusk until 9:00 pm daily during winter months.  Facilities Services maintains and repairs these lights using maintenance funding.  Trail maintenance is performed by Facilities Services using Operations funds.  Relamping of trail lights occurs in the spring only.  

All requests for repairs or changes should be directed to the Manager of North Campus, Kara Axx, at 907-474-2648.

Facilities Services is available to assist you with events both on and off campus.  Departments must submit a work request in advance, including an account number for billing purposes.  Facilities Services is able to provide tables, chairs, table skirting, podiums and a variety of other items to assist you in your event.  There is a cost for delivery, but no rental charges.  All events should initially go through UAF University Relations. See the event planning form for more information or contact Carla Browning at 907-474-7778. Contact the Facilities Services Customer Service Center at 907-474-7000 for more information.

Campus wide telephone service is provided by OIT Telephone Utilities.  Installation and repairs may be placed by submitting a work order for emergency service, call 907-450-8300.  Be prepared to provide your department account for billing.

See also “Cable TV/Communications”.

Facilities Services Transportation Services Division provides shuttle bus service during the academic year, with limited service during the summer months, for all students, faculty and staff.  There is a shuttle provided for disabled persons and shuttle rentals for special events.   Campus users can also rent vehicles from the UAF Facilities Services Transportation Department.  Contact 907-474-5875 for additional information or see the Transportation Services web site .

See also “Shuttle Buses”.

Vending machines located throughout campus are provided by a local vendor.  These vending contracts are maintained by Dining Services.  They can be reached at 474-6661 or online at either of the following websites:

Dining services - Meal plans

Dining on campus

Drapes:  Drapes and curtains are no longer purchased, maintained or cleaned using maintenance funds.  Drapes do still exist in the FA/Art wing drawing room, Schaible Hall, Theatre and Signers Hall. Departments must take existing drapes to local cleaners for maintenance.

Levolor Blinds

  • Offices that have never had blinds must provide a department account for the initial purchase and installation. Facilities Services will repair or replace any existing blinds using maintenance funds.
  • Facilities Services will install blinds in classrooms.  

To ensure that all requests for services are documented, work is completed and historical information obtained, we ask that all requests for emergency and scheduled work as well as special services, come through the Customer Service Center.  Once the request is received, we assign responsibility to the appropriate trades for completion.

The preferred method for submitting work requests is the Electronic Work Order Request Form (EWORF).  By using this electronic form, you receive an email confirmation when your request is received in our office, a second email with the work order number assigned to your request, and a final email when the work order is closed.  With the work order number, you are able to research the work order online to see work performed and charges accrued.  Other methods of submitting work requests are by calling the Customer Service Center at 907-474-7000 or faxing them to 907-474-5656.