Warehouse and Procurement Shared Services

The Facilities Services Warehouse and Procurement Shared Services (W&PSS) is a full-service materials handling and distribution facility supporting maintenance and operations across campus, as well as an opt-in procurement service for all of UAF. UAF departments are encouraged to make use of this shared service center for any purchasing need. W&PSS can assist on anything from small local orders requiring pickup and delivery to the department, routine online pro card orders, and requisition entry for large or complex procurements.

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For general questions and inquiries

Phone: 907-474-7683
Email: uaf-fs-operations@alaska.edu

803 Alumni Drive
PO Box 757380
Fairbanks  AK 99775

Mija McGuire
Warehouse Manager

Process for submitting a request

The process varies based on the request's cost and priority. 

Requires no competition and will usually be purchased with a credit card. If the vendor doesn’t accept credit cards or charges an unreasonable fee for credit card payment, W&PSS will issue a purchase order and pay the vendor by check.

Detailed process:
  •  Submit online purchase request form.

    • Including part numbers is helpful, as is identifying a specific vendor, if necessary.

    • Including a quote from one vendor is helpful.

    • Include date you need items to arrive or services to start/complete.

  •  W&PSS writes up an SO (uniquely numbered special order form).

  •  W&PSS calls the vendor and gets a quote for the order including freight (if not already provided).

  •  If paying by credit card:
    • Warehouse is confident the order will not exceed $10,000 after shipping costs, places order with vendor, and pays with credit card.

  • If not paying by credit card (or if there is potential that the invoiced amount could exceed $10,000 with shipping):
    • W&PSS enters a requisition in Banner.

    • The requisition is assigned to FS procurement tech by UA Procurement.

    • Procurement tech issues a purchase order and sends it to the vendor to place the order.

    • Once items arrive or service is completed, W&PSS approves the invoice for payment and a check is sent to vendor.

Requires competition or a sole source determination.

Detailed process:
  • Submit online purchase request form
    • Include a quote from one vendor.
    • Include the names of other vendors that may be interested in providing the items/services.
    • If appropriate, include a paragraph to justify brand name or sole source purchase. Justification must explain why we require a particular brand/service and why we cannot accept substitutes (compatibility with a system or another item, unique features, etc.).
    • If this is not sole source, provide must-have requirements of your request (dimensions, bulb length, battery voltage, motor horsepower, etc.).
    • What date do you need items to arrive or services to start/complete.
    • Any other special requirements.
    • Deliverables — certificate record, report, etc.
  • W&PSS enters a requisition in Banner.
    • The requisition is assigned to FS procurement tech by UA Procurement.
    • Procurement tech prepares and issues a Request for Quotation to multiple vendors based on provided must-have requirements. This allows for fair and open competition and allows all vendors to submit their best offers while adhering to UAF’s terms and conditions. Procurement tech also ensures that we follow state procurement codes and UA procurement policies.
    • Procurement tech determines the low quoter who will be issued the purchase order, and requests their W-9 if they have not previously done business with UAF.
      • If PO is for a service that will be performed on campus, procurement tech requests a copy of the vendor’s Certificate of Liability Insurance that names UAF as additional insured. This protects UAF if there is an injury/damage due to the vendor while they are on campus.
    • Procurement tech issues a purchase order to the low quoter, and sends it to the vendor to place the order.
    • Once items arrive or service is completed, W&PSS approves the invoice for payment and a check is sent to vendor.

These are handled the same as the previous category, except that the purchase order will be processed by UA Procurement rather than FS procurement tech.

In order to protect public health, welfare, safety, or public/private property, as the senior university official responding to an emergency, you are authorized to purchase items or services to resolve the immediate need and mitigate continuing damage or threat. Notification to the W&PSS should happen as soon as possible to ensure payment to vendors. Any resulting cleanup or repairs are handled separately.

If you call a vendor first, clarify that you’re asking for a quote, not placing an order. Placing an order prior to the SO or PO being issued would make this an unauthorized purchase. W&PSS will take care of authorizing the purchase. Most local vendors won’t place orders until they get an SO from W&PSS, in an attempt to comply with our requirements.

Order forms


Internal department approvals must be completed prior to submitting a request.

Providing a quote from a vendor with the goods or service specified will ensure accuracy of the order. Otherwise, provide part numbers with descriptions, internet link to items, specific specifications with possible vendors. The more information provided the better. If the request is over $10,000, you must submit a quote to begin the procurement process.

W&PSS staff will enter requisitions for orders over $10,000. UA Procurement and Contract Services will process the purchase.

Fund/Org/Acct Code (or work order for FS staff) is required at time of request.

Goods will be delivered to departments on Tuesday or Thursday after your complete order has been received in the warehouse.

The FS warehouse stocks paper in a variety of colors, sizes, and weight (thickness). Paper can be ordered by the ream (500 sheets) or the case (10 reams, 5000 sheets)

The FS warehouse also stocks an extensive variety of compressed gasses in multiple purities. FS will also pick up any empty gas cylinders when delivering full cylinders.

For FS employees:

Use this form to submit orders for tools associated with completion of a work order or other duties. Your supervisor will be automatically sent an email to approve or reject the order before it is sent to W&PSS.

W&PSS FY25 rates

Materials/commodities 5.5% Procurement card/requisitions/purchase orders (charged on first $5,000 of a single item)
Gasoline/diesel fuel 3.5%
Compressed gas 25.0%
Services 5.5% (Contracts not let by W&PSS, but require back-end processing ie: custodial invoices, off-campus utilities invoices, etc)