Custodial Services

Maintains the cleanliness and appearance of the interiors of campus buildings. The Custodial Shop is composed of contracted custodial and in-house custodial.

Custodial services include the following:

  • Restrooms are sanitized and stocked once a day campus-wide.
  • Classrooms are cleaned once a day campus-wide.
  • Public areas such as auditoriums, hallways, lobbies, locker rooms, showers, laundry rooms, kitchenettes, break rooms, and conference rooms are cleaned and made presentable each day.
  • Stairwells are cleaned twice per week on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  • Offices are scheduled for cleaning twice per month on the first and third full week of each month. Occupants of offices should empty trash into a receptacle located in a public or common area between service days. Please see maps linked below for service days.
  • Carpeted floors for most areas will be shampooed annually. 
  • Trash cans for public use are provided by the Custodial Department. Each department will purchase trash cans for use by their department's other needs.


Fill out the online form to request any of the services provided by custodial services.


Exceptional and emergency messes

Call: 907-474-7000

The report will be relayed so the problems will be cleaned up promptly.