Nenana river rafting

Sunday August 27th:  

8am                  Meet at the OA office in the SRC. Gear up, and depart.

11am                Arrive at the McKinley park village river access and suit up and start floating.

4pm                  Arrive at Kingfisher Creek and take out.

7pm                  Arrive back at UAF.


Trip description:

The Nenana River runs through the mountains of the Alaska Range near the entrance to Denali National Park. Grab a paddle and drysuit and enjoy a day on the river. Class 3 rapids are waiting to drench you in between stretches of awesome autumn wilderness landscapes. 


Things to Bring:

  • Dry bag. (provided by OA)
  • Dry suit, Neoprene booties, Neoprene Gloves, PFD and Helmet. (provided by OA)
  • Warm (Non-Cotton) Clothes – Wear clothing appropriate for the weather. Warm clothing that is tighter fitting works best under a drysuit.  Also bring along some extra layers such as a polypro shirt and fleece jacket, to bring in your drybag, in the likely event of changing weather.
  • Light fleece or wool hat
  • Warm wool socks
  • Sunglasses, sun block.
  • Food and Snacks for the day, 2 liters of water, camera


Refund Policy:

Payment in full is required to sign up for a trip.  A 100% refund is available if you notify the Outdoor Adventures Office of the cancellation more than two weeks (14 days) before the first day of the trip.  Cancellation two weeks to 3 days (13 to 3 days) before the trip entitles the participant to a 50% refund. No refund is provided if the participant does not show up or cancels 2 days or less prior to the trip.


Safety and Risk Management:

Due to the nature of outdoor travel there are certain inherent risks in all of Outdoor Adventure’s trips.  Acceptable risks include but are not limited too; river currents, waves and hydraulics, natural and manmade obstacles in the river, sweepers, logjams, high and low water, and getting wet while on the trip.  We will wear PFD’s at all times on the river and drysuits and helmets when appropriate. Conditions may include below freezing temperatures, thunderstorms, rain, sleet and high winds.  Driving risks may include slick roads, poor visibility and wildlife.  Alaska is a wild place - you need to take ultimate responsibility for your own safety as only you can. For your protection we require you to carry health insurance.  You can purchase insurance for $2.60/day from the University (ask for details). All info is subject to change due to safety, weather, current conditions, etc.!