Denali Area Ice Climbing

Dragonfly Creek from aboveSaturday, March 23rd      

8:00am                - Meet at Outdoor Adventures

11:00am               - Arrive at the climbing site and hike to the climbs  

5:00pm                - Return to vehicles and head back with a Three Bears snack                                                           stop.

7:00pm                - Arrive at UAF


Trip description:

We will be ice climbing at Dragonfly Creek outside the Denali National Park boundary.  This will be a great introduction for those new to the sport or a wonderful opportunity to improve your ice climbing skillset. We will be climbing on top-ropes using ice tools and crampons to scale a beautiful frozen Alaskan waterfall.

Dragonfly Creek in the Sun


Things to bring:

  • Double Plastic boots
  • Crampons
  • Helmet
  • Harness
  • 2 x warm wool socks
  • Daypack - to carry food, water, gear, and spare clothes for the day
  • Warm (non-cotton) clothes
    • Synthetic or wool base layer; top and bottom
    • Fleece jacket / pants
    • Hard shell pants and jacket to repel water and wind
    • Puffy jacket for standing around
    • 2 Hats
    • 2+gloves and mittens
    • Neck gaiter
  • Lunch and snacks for a long day out
  • Money for an optional grocery store stop ~$20
  • Water bottles (1-2 quarts/liters total)

Bold Items can be provided by OA as a part of the trip.


Refund Policy:

Payment in full is required to sign up for a trip.  A 100% refund is available if you notify the Outdoor Adventures office of the cancellation more than two weeks (14 days) before the first day of the trip.  Cancellation one week to 3 days (13 to 3 days) before the trip entitles the participant to a 50% refund. No refund is provided if the participant does not show up or cancels 2 days prior to the trip.


Safety and Risk Management:

Due to the nature of outdoor travel there are certain inherent risks in all of Outdoor Adventures’ trips.  Acceptable risks include but are not limited to; hiking over rough uneven terrain with a heavy backpack on, hiking up and down steep inclines with icy and loose footing, using sharp tools and crampons with the potential for personal injury and ice and rock fall while climbing. Climbers will be roped in and wear helmets during all climbing which may be as high as 70 feet.  Conditions may include temperatures-20F or colder, snow, sleet, high winds and very low wind-chill.  Driving risks may include slick, icy roads, poor visibility and wildlife.  Alaska is a wild place - you need to take ultimate responsibility for your own safety as only you can. For your protection we require you to carry health insurance.  You can purchase insurance for $2.60/day from the University (ask for details). All info is subject to change due to safety, weather, current conditions, etc.!