Virtual Fitness Challenge

Board with virtual races and the daily jog. Want to compete against your friends?

We got you covered this is a race to the finish, complete the series of challenges first to win bragging rights. This is a go at your own pace challenge, completing it is an accomplishment

Go to our workout program section today to find a quick workout you can do at home or check out the exercise menu section for some ideas of new exercises to include in your own workouts.


All Challenges will be assigned a difficulty level:

Difficulty scale is from 1 to 10

1= Sitting on your couch and slogging through a serious NETFLIX binge session.

10 = You just ran a marathon for the first time and forgot to train for it.


Looking for more workout options? Check out our virtual fitness offerings!

Current offerings include:

  • Virtual fitness challenges such as a virtual 5k and 10k

  • Virtual fitness classes and workouts

  • At home boot camp (circuit and HIIT workouts)

  • Youtube Indoor cycling intervals

Coming soon.....

  • At home flexibility and band workouts

  • Home gym, strength training without a gym

  • Yoga

  • Youtube workout playlists

  • Personalized written exercise programs for (UAF student members only)