Oceanography Graduate Program

M.S. or Ph.D.

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Oceanography is an interdisciplinary science. Our faculty constitutes a team with backgrounds in physical, biological, geological, chemical, and fisheries oceanography.

Students considering graduate study in Oceanography are strongly encouraged to contact potential faculty advisors prior to applying. This will assist in a more efficient review of their application. Students in Oceanography who have strong quantitative skills and have a background in natural sciences or, in some cases, mathematics or engineering are encouraged to apply. Some academic preparation in biology, chemistry, physics, math (incl. calculus) and geology is advised. Students are admitted on the basis of their ability and academic preparation, availability of financial support, and the capability of the program to meet their particular interests and needs. Faculty review requests for admission throughout the year. Most students are supported by their advisors on research projects that relate directly to their degree research. These stipends for financial support are awarded competitively.

Degree Requirements

Master’s and doctoral students in the Oceanography degree program require at least one year of residence at the Fairbanks campus, but research may be conducted through other research facilities.

M.S. Oceanography with a concentration in biological, chemical, geological, or physical oceanography :

    Complete the general university requirements.
    Complete the master’s degree requirements.
    Complete a thesis.
    MSL 620-Physical Oceanography (3 credits)
    MSL 630-Geological Oceanography (3 credits)
    MSL 650-Biological Oceanography (3 credits)
    MSL 660-Chemical Oceanography (3 credits)
    MSL 692-Seminar (3 credits)
    MSL 699-Thesis (open)
    Electives (open)
    Minimum credits required: 30

M.S. Oceanography with a concentration in fisheries oceanography requires the additional following course:

    MSL 640- Fisheries Oceanography (3 credits)

Ph.D. Oceanography

    Complete the general university requirements.
    Complete the Ph.D. degree requirements.
    Complete coursework equivalent to M.S. degree.
    Minimum credits required: 18

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