Mark Johnson

Mark Johnson

Research Professor

Physical Oceanography

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
111 O'Neill
Fairbanks, AK 99775-7220

Office Hours


11:30–12:30 and by appt.
111 O'Neill


Texas A&M University
Ph.D. Physical Oceanography

Texas A&M University
M.S. Marine Science


Curriculum Vitae


Selected Publications

2015. Experts Workshops to Comparatively Evaluate Coastal Currents and Ice Movement in the Northeastern Chukchi Sea; Barrow and Wainwright, Alaska, March 11-15, 2013. Ed. Johnson, M.A., H. Eicken, M. L. Druckenmiller and R. Glenn. 48pp. University of Alaska Fairbanks.

J. Barlow, P. Tyack, M. Johnson, R. Baird, G. Schorr, R. Andrews, and N. Aguilar de Soto. 2013. Trackline and point detection probabilities for acoustic surveys of Cuvier's and Blainville's beaked whales. Journal of the Acoustical Society of America 134:2486Ð2496.

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M. Johnson, A. Proshutinsky, Y. Aksenov, A. Nguyen, R. Lindsay, C. Haas, J. Zhang, N. Diansky, R. Kwok, W. Maslowski, S.Hakkinen, I. Ashik, and B. d. Cuevas. 2012. Evaluation of Arctic sea ice thickness simulated by AOMIP models. J. Geophys. Res 117. doi: 10.1029/2011JC007257

M. J. Halverson, J. C. Ohlmann, M. A. Johnson, and W. S. Pegau. 2011. Disruption of a cyclonic eddy circulation by wind stress in Prince William Sound, Alaska. Continental Shelf Research. doi: 10.1016/j.csr.2011.12.002

Wu, B., and M. Johnson. 2010. Distinct modes of winter Arctic sea ice motion and their associations with surface wind variability. Adv. Atmos. Sciences 27(2):211-299.

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Druckenmiller, M.L., H. Eicken, M.A. Johnson, D.J. Pringle, and C.C. Williams. 2009. Toward an integrated coastal sea-ice observatory: System components and a case study at Barrow, Alaska. Cold Regions Science and Technology. doi: 10.1016/j.coldregions.2008.12.003

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Polyakov, I., D. Walsh, I. Dmitrenko, R. Colony, J. Hutchings, L. Timokhov, M. Johnson, and E. Carmack. 2003. A long term circulation and water mass monitoring program for the Arctic Ocean. EOS 84(30):284-285.

Polyakov, I.V., and M.A. Johnson. 2000. Arctic decadal and interdecadal variability. Geophys. Res. Lett. 27(24):4097-4100.


  • Decadal climate variability of the Arctic system
  • Trends and variability in Arctic sea-ice concentration and thickness
  • Analysis of model results and observed data to validate and improve model performance


Research Overview

My research focus is the physical oceanography of the Arctic Ocean through analysis of historical and model data. My current work is assessing of the ice volume of the Arctic Ocean, developing climate indices related to the seasonality of sea-ice freeze-up and break-up, and establishing measurements of sea-ice thickness over the Arctic Ocean.



  • Arctic Chair in Polar Marine Science, Naval Postgraduate School. Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research. 2001—2002
  • U.S. Dept. of Interior Bureau of Ocean Energy Management, Regulation, and Enforcement. Outer Continental Shelf Scientific Committee, 2009—present
  • Associated Faculty, College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, University of Alaska Fairbanks. 2010—present