Seth Danielson

Seth Danielson


Physical Oceanography

College of Fisheries and Ocean Sciences
112 O'Neill
2150 Koyukuk Drive
Fairbanks, AK 99775


University of Alaska Fairbanks
Ph.D. Oceanography

University of Alaska Fairbanks
M.S. Oceanography

Lehigh University
B.S. Electrical Engineering


Curriculum Vitae



Selected Publications

Danielson, S.L., O. Ahkinga, C. Ashjian, E. Basyuk, L.W. Cooper, L. Eisner, E. Farley, K.B. Iken, J.M. Grebmeier, L. Juranek, G. Khen, S. Jayne, T. Kikuchi, C. Ladd, K. Lu, R. McCabe, G.W.K. Moore, S. Nishino, S.R. Okkonen, F. Ozenna, R.S. Pickart, I. Polyakov, P.J. Stabeno, K. Wood, W.J. Williams, R.A. Woodgate, and T.J. Weingartner. 2020. Manifestation and consequences of warming and altered heat fluxes over the Bering and Chukchi Sea continental shelves. Deep-Sea Research II: Topical Studies in Oceanography 177.
Danielson, S.L., D.F. Hill, K.S. Hedstrom, J. Beamer, and E. Curchitser. 2020. Demonstrating a high‐resolution Gulf of Alaska ocean circulation model forced across the coastal interface by high‐resolution terrestrial hydrological models. Journal of Geophysical Research: Oceans 125(8): e2019JC015724.
Danielson, S.L., T.D Hennon, K.S. Hedstrom, A.V. Pnyushkov, I.V. Polyakov, E. Carmack, K. Filchuk, M. Janout, M. Makhotin, W.J. Williams, and L. Padman. 2020. Oceanic routing of wind-sourced energy along the Arctic continental shelves. Frontiers in Marine Science 7:509.
Huntington, H.P., S.L. Danielson, F.K. Wiese, M. Baker, P. Boveng, J.J. Citta, A. De Robertis, D.M.S. Dickson, E. Farley, J.C. George, K. Iken, D.G. Kimmel, K. Kuletz, C. Ladd, R. Levine, L. Quakenbush, P. Stabeno, K.M Stafford, D. Stockwell, and C. Wilson. 2020. Evidence suggests potential transformation of the Pacific Arctic ecosystem is underway. Nature Climate Change 10(4): 342–348.
Lu, K., S.L. Danielson, K.S. Hedstrom, and T.J. Weingartner, 2020. Assessing the role of oceanic heat fluxes on ice ablation of the central Chukchi Sea Shelf. Progress in Oceanography 184:102313.
Weingartner, T.J., S.L. Danielson, R.A. Potter, J.H. Trefrey, A. Mahoney, M. Savoie, C. Irvine, and L. Sousa. 2017. Circulation and water properties in the landfast ice zone of the Alaskan Beaufort sea. Continental Shelf Research 148:185–198.

Danielson, S.L., T.W. Weingartner, K. Hedstrom, K. Aagaard, R. Woodgate, E. Curchitser, and P. Stabeno. 2014. Coupled wind-forced controls of the Bering–Chukchi shelf circulation and the Bering Strait through-flow: Ekman transport, continental shelf waves, and variations of the Pacific–Arctic sea surface height gradient. Progress in Oceanography 125:40–61.


  • Continental shelf circulation processes
  • Data processing and analysis
  • Atmosphere-ocean interactions


Research Overview

My research focus is on continental shelf processes of Alaska’s marginal seas through analysis of observational data and both idealized and realistic numerical model results. Ongoing studies include participation in NSF's Northern Gulf of Alaska Long Term Ecological Research program, ocean climate monitoring at hydrographic station GAK1 at the mouth of Resurrection Bay, holistic physics-to-whales ecosystem studies across the Pacific Arctic, and oceanographic studies in Southeast Alaska fjords. These investigations inform climate assessments, fisheries management decisions, and oil spill response planning efforts. I seek improved mechanistic understandings of the controls that modulate the circulation, temperature, and salinity fields of Alaska-region marine waters.




  • American Geophysical Union
  • The Oceanography Society