Paper Diplomas

New! UAF has teamed with Parchment to offer an official digital version of your diploma.

UAF issues paper diplomas three times a year:

  • Late-June - for Spring graduates
  • Late-September -  for Summer graduates
  • Late-January - for Fall graduates

Mailed paper diplomas:

Diplomas are mailed to a student's most current mailing address listed in UAOnline.

Name appearing on the diploma:

The name which appears on a student's diploma is the name which he/she indicated on his/her Application for Graduation. If you have legally changed your name please fill out a UA Change Form and notify us via email at

Recognition & commencement:

Students will receive a diploma cover when they walk across the stage at commencement. Since commencement is held before all final grades are posted for the Spring semester Spring candidates will not receive diplomas at this time.

The names of students receiving degrees/certificates will appear in the Commencement Program, and are released to the media (with exception to students who have placed a directory hold on their account).


Mini-diplomas are issued by the UAF Alumni Association.

Replacement or duplicate paper diplomas

Diploma lost? Need a copy?

Note: There is a $25.00 fee for each paper diploma ordered. Your digital diploma is included with the order of any paper diploma. The diploma ordered will be printed using UAF's most current diploma format; with the signatures of the current Chair of the Board of Regents, University Chancellor and University President.

Recently changed your name?

Notarized and apostilled diplomas

Notarized diplomas:
Complete the Replacement Diploma Form, and make a note (anywhere on the form) informing Graduation Services that you would like to have your diploma notarized.

Apostilled diplomas:
"Other countries often require that official signatures and notarizations on your documents be corroborated by the Secretary of State before they will accept them" - AK State Lieutenant Governor's Office

Attaining this extra authentication is done in the form of an apostille.
Should you need to have a diploma apostilled complete the Replacement Diploma Form, and make a note (anywhere on the form) informing Graduation Services that you would like to have your diploma apostilled.

Apostilled diplomas are notarized within the Office of the Registrar, and then are forwarded on to the Alaska State Lieutenant Governor's Office for further authentication.

The student is individually responsible for paying all fees that are associated with ordering an apostilled diploma -  both to UAF ($25 replacement diploma fee) and to the Alaska State Lieutenant Governor's Office ($5 authentication fee per certificate/diploma).

For more information about apostilles, please visit the Alaska State Lieutenant Governor's Office's Authentications and Apostilles website.