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Add/Drop a class

You can add and/or drop courses in the UAOnline through the last day of late registration (see the academic calendar). If the class is a late-start class, or you are making changes after the last day of late registration and fee payment. If you will need to make changes in person, complete an add/drop form.

  • The add/drop deadline for STAT and Math F113 and higher courses is the first Friday after the start of the semester.  Instructor permission is needed to add  STAT and Math F113 or higher courses after the first Friday.
  • After the last day of late registration, the instructor's signature will be required to register in full length semester courses.
  • Pay attention to the drop dates -- they affect refunds.
  • You must process any late add transactions only at the Office of the Registrar or the Community and Technical College Student Advising and Registration Center or any Rural Campus. 

Appeals for late withdrawal audit after the withdrawal deadline must be submitted within 30 days after the beginning of the next semester. A written statement explaining the extenuating circumstances behind the request and supporting documentation should be submitted with your form.  Contact the Office of the Registrar for more information.


The credit/no credit option enables you to enroll in courses without affecting your overall GPA. One elective course per semester can be taken under this option. You must apply for the option by the third Friday after the first day of instruction.  


Directed study courses allow a student to contract with an instructor to enroll individually in a catalog course that is not offered in the regular schedule.

For example, a directed study proposal may be approved if the course is not being offered that semester and the student needs to complete the course for graduation. The title for the directed study course will include DS. Registration for a directed study courses is not available in UAOnline. To register for a directed study course, contact the appropriate department admin or instructor to initiate the form for approval. 

Individual study courses provide students with opportunities to improve their knowledge in areas of study not listed in the current catalog. A student who requests or is advised to undertake such an individual study should present a brief proposal and syllabus to the appropriate faculty member. The syllabus must be attached to an individual study form. An individual study course number will end in 97.

Registration for individual study courses is not available in UAOnline. To register for a individual study course, contact the appropriate department admin or instructor to initiate the form for approval.


In-person registration is available at the Office of the Registrar (102 Signers' Hall) or UAF Community and Technical College (604 Barnette St.).

Students applying for resident tuition assessment must submit a residency form with the Office of  Admissions before the published add/drop deadline for regular semester-length courses for the semester for which residency is sought. Failure to file and provide adequate proof of physical presence by this date will waive any claim that the student was eligible for resident tuition assessment for that semester or prior semesters unless otherwise determined by the Office of the Admissions.





To obtain your official enrollment verification certificate, please log in to UAOnline and follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Select Enrollment Verifications option under the Student Services & Account Information 
  • Step 2: Select a UA campus and click Submit Enrollment Verification
  • Step 3: Select Current - usually available three business days after the add/drop deadline depending on National Student Clearinghouse processing times
  • Step 4: Click on Obtain an enrollment certificate (see below)

If the enrollment history on your certificate is not up-to-date, it is possible UAF has not submitted an enrollment report to the NSC for the semester or since you last made registration changes. We submit reports to the NSC once a month beginning the third week of the semester.

For situations when the NSC verification is not available, does not accurately reflect your current enrollment or is accepted (i.e. military), please submit an Enrollment Verification form. You may attach additional documents if necessary. A manual enrollment verification can only be processed for the current semester. If enrollment verification is required for past semesters, you must order an official transcript.

If you need to report enrollment to an agency that cannot accept the official enrollment verification certificate, fill out the Enrollment Verification form.

Under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, the university may release, without consent, certain directory information. The following information is designated as directory information by the university:

  1. Names of students
  2. Dates of attendance at the university
  3. Program/major field(s) of study
  4. Degrees and certificates received, including dates
  5. Participation in officially recognized university activities
  6. Academic and co-curricular awards, honors and scholarships received, and dates received
  7. Weight and height of students on athletic teams
  8. Students' email addresses
  9. Hometown, city and state of students

Students may enable or disable their student directory hold through UAOnline

Students who want to allow another individual to access their student or financial information related to the University of Alaska Fairbanks can complete the FERPA release form and submit it to the Office of the Registrar.

There are only two valid reasons for appeal of a grade: (1) an error in calculation of the grade, or (2) arbitrary and capricious grading. Evidence of either must be documented for an appeal to be successful. A student who wishes to appeal a faculty decision on a final grade must submit a grade appeal form.  Merely wanting a higher grade is not sufficient grounds to justify an appeal.

Appeals must be received within 30 class days after the beginning of the next regular semester. By submitting a grade appeal, the student acknowledges that no additional mechanisms exist within the university for the review of the grade, and that the university's administration can't influence or affect the outcome of the review. Students interested in filing a grade appeal should review the process then complete the grade appeal form to be submitted with supporting documentation to the department chair with a copy to the dean of the college or school in which the course was offered.

Updating your personal information? Please visit the Registration Guide to learn how to can make corrections to your record, 





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