General Education Requirements (GER)


Things to Know About the New GERs

  • If you are working on a program in the 2015-16 catalog or earlier and you are thinking about switching catalog years, please work closely with your advisor to determine if this is the best option for you.
  • The new GER are required for Associate of Arts, Associate of Science and Baccalaureate degree programs.
  • Credit may be counted toward GER or a degree major requirement, but not both.
  • The minimum grade for GER classes is C- unless the major you are in requires a higher minimum grade for GER.
  • You may take two GER designated foreign language courses in the same language or in two different languages to meet the Humanities GER and the Additional Art/Humanities/Social Sciences GER.
  • You are required to take two designated Social Sciences GER in different disciplines. If you want to use another Social Sciences class to meet the Additional Art/Humanities/Social Sciences general education requirement then you can take another class in any discipline.
  • If additional courses are added to GER in future catalog years, you may use them to fulfill specific GER in your catalog year.
  • Beginning with the 2019-20 catalog year, Baccalaureate, Associate of Arts and Associate of Science students are required to take three credits in one or more Alaska Native Themed courses offered. These courses may fall under GER, major requirements, minor requirements or electives.



2023-2024 Catalog Year

Beginning in Fall 2019, the Alaska Native Themed (ANT) Requirement will be a degree requirement for all incoming UAF baccalaureate, associate of arts, and associate of science students.



Additional Information