Issue 45.1


Written From the Passenger Seat of a '98 Chevy at Dusk in July by Nick Olah

Caves I've Entered But Don't Know The Names Of, If They Have Names, And, If They Don't, Who Am I to Give Them One? by Joseph Lafata

Benihana by Robyn Schelenz

Rustless by Matthew Donovan

I Have Decided by Holly Day

You can't just go around by Brandon Krieg

Hyacinth Blue by Jessie Carty

Put Someone Else in the Center by Lauren Camp

Still Necessary by Lisa Rhoades

Stanley Tucci Is in Sardinia and I’m on Your Sofa by Kara Lewis

Self-Portrait as Barred Owl by Sarah Giragosian



Issue 44.1


Because My Mother Told Me to Pray About It – Shannon Ashley

My Mother Worked on a Salmon Barge in Homer, Alaska – Aiden Baker

Arsonist Song – John Wall Barger

Self-Portrait as Driver – Jeffrey Bean

This is how magic works, right? – Hayley Bowen

Aubade with Need to be Picked Clean & Swallowing – Savannah Bradley

One Big Star Heart – Eli Coyle

Chronophobia – Laura Z. Fairgrieve

Sappho: A Voice & Otherwise Engaged – Katherine Gaffney

Heatwave Cooks Mussels in Their Shells on California Shore – Benjamin Gucciardi

Something Old, Something New – Claire Scott

Aubade II – Emily Standlee

On Want & Mountains Are Born and So Are We – Adam D. Weeks

The Complaint of my Grandpa’s John Deere Hat – David Eileen Winn



Issue 43.2


12 Ways of Looking at a Sunflower – Brianna Pike

Still Dreaming & Elsewhere – Michelle Askin

Swimming Lessons – Christen Kauffman

Your Rapist Trends on Twitter – Danielle Shorr

February 8th & April 16th – Ann Pedone

The Climbing – Michael Brosnan

Kith – Anne Duncan

Labor – Kevin O’Connor

Four Poems – Andrew Robin

At the Top of the Nowhere Staircase – Emmy Newman

After 3 Days – Jonathan Greenhause

Felt – Robert Jackson



Issue 42.2


Mi Shebeirach for Miami; or, Magic City Lockdown – Jen Karetnik

The Word You Should Never Say – David Starkey

/ myul /as in “a mewl of clouds” – Mary Buchinger

Xenolith – Nathaniel Youmans

Words for My Daughter After Watching Her Dance to ‘Girls’ – Dante Di Stefano

Sensation Seeking Behavior – Carolyn Orosz

Afternoon Meditation – Natasha Deonarain

Microcosm – Grace Wagner

The Night (After Psalm 2) – James Miller

Allecto and How Great is Our God! – Casey Epstein-Gross

Another Dream of Death and Born Again in the Light of Self – Brandi George

IT WAS NOBODY – Stephen Massimilla

Dream Catch – Jeff Tigchelaar

What Is It Like to Live in a Body? – Trenton Pollard

ghost tour – Patrick Kindig

Being Afraid Isn’t Enough – Gary McDowell

Reckoning – Greg Emilio

Black Trees Whose Names You Never Wanted to Know – Richard Widerkehr

I can’t remember if she liked broccoli – Leah White

Given – Liza Katz Duncan

Discarnate – Melanie Sevcenko

Mitosis Lullaby – Robert Evory



Issue 41.2


Trajectories – Daniel Bourne

I see her ghost nowadays & When did the bow begin to quiver? – Sherdes Leona

post-card home – Grace Covill-Grennan

Geas & 1998 Winter Blackout – Zachary Johnston

Avoiding the Dishes – E. Thomas Jones

Stillborn – Kelan Nee

I wake to sunlight climbing the walls – Eliza Rotterman

that war – Elizabeth Sackett

Broken Sconce & Memory of Sheep Rustling  – Felicia Zamora



Issue 40.2


“Aria” by Burnside Soleil

“Big Friendly Summer” by Seth Copeland

“Crescent Park Cruising Grounds Where Piety Ends” by Spencer Silverthorne

“From a blanket on a hill in West Virginia,” “After a difficult conversation, a walk,” and “Comparatively Speaking” by Jake Maynard

“Hindsight Horoscope Hulled from a Bank Statement” by Corey Oglesby

“Jesus’ Legs” by Charles W Brice

“Self-Portrait as Sister” by Gabrielle Montesanti

“Went to Tennessee” by Caroline Wilkinson



Issue 39.2


Calmivin ©, La marea montante, and Rocketboy - Daniel Aristi

Music to My Ears - Scott Banks

Skylark - Bryce Berkowitz

Abecedarian for the English Language and Letter from a Hungry Ancestor - Daniel Blokh

A Lack of Lustful Inclinations,  Southern, Belled., A Life Constructed Disappears, and Sunday Schooled - Emma Bolden

My Last Beatitude - Zoë Brigley

blood seed, east wind and dream with fox - Abigail Chabitnoy

After the Call from the Night Nurse and My Mother Paints Her First Picture at 90 - Adam Chiles

summer elegy and romanticizing - Charlotte Covey

Night Vision Scanning Techniques - Mike Crossley

A Little Something to Dance to - Fred Dale

golem - Garrett De Temple

Where Something Has Been - Danielle DeTiberus

Cant of Mardi Gras and What do I know about swans? - Aran Donovan

A Bullfighter Waits with Perfect Hands - Frankie Drayus

Dear Outer Space - Keith Mark Gaboury

Convictions: Slavery after Slavery - David Gewanter

Denim Lemonade as Lethal Injection - Henry Goldkamp

the dream and the ice - Carolyn Guinzio

St. Agatha and My Mother’s Mastectomy and Only - Emma Hyche

Piñata in the Marching Band - Paul Jolly

Burrito Bigger than a Wrecking Ball and Pizza Through the Ages - Tom Kelly

Teacher - Lisa Lewis

On the Creation of Adam - Ellyn Lichvar

Graft - Kate Lindroos

Charlie Parker - Ray Liversidge

If the Brain Is Skin Folded In - Regina Marie

Transmission - Kat Moore

[quality time], Control Sample is Gaslit, and Headcase Economics - Jessica Morey-Collins

Tangential - Irene O’Garden

Yoga and The List - Tanner Pruitt

The Visitation - Billy Reynolds

Aileen Wuornos - Jonathan Riccio

On Turning Thirty - Britney Scott

Rouault, End of Autumn - James Wyshynski



Issue 38.2


Hong Kong - Stephen Behrendt

Dissection - Colleen Burner

Scapegoat - Mary Christensen

Burial Rites - Mary Christensen  

May Evening - Noah Davis

The Woman Who Eats the River - Noah Davis

Emily as a Float on the Skin - Darren Demaree

Emily as Forming Knuckles - Darren Demaree

Emily as Red and White and Yellow and White - Darren Demaree

Down Fell the Doves - Joshua Morgan Folmar

When I Can’t Sleep - Joshua Morgan Folmar

Bearings - Sarah Giragosian

Eventually Iguanas - Sarah Giragosian

If I Were Your Sister and You Were a Bird and All the Wolves Were Buried and Dead - Sarah Giragosian

History of a Body - Sarah Giragosian

When the Horseshoe Crab Grieves - Sarah Giragosian

The Yahrtzeit Candle - Kirk Glaser

from “Ligertown" - Susan Goslee

I Am The Tin Boy, Yes It’s True - Jennifer Hanks

The key to open up tomorrow is reality - Jennifer Hanks

The Tin Boy is Butch AF - Jennifer Hanks

I’m not kissing girls who have to get / blitzed / to touch me - Jennifer Hanks

Grandmother, this fish tattoo is the only thing keeping me alive - Jennifer Hanks

How Can You So Quickly Forget? -  Rich Ives

Division - Alyssa Jewell

Our Sister, Valentine’s Day - Jerry Johnston

Cleaning Brook Trout - Jerry Johnston

Silver As It Is Golden - Esther Lin

Revelation - Esther Lin  

Work Horse in the Rain - Robert Malloy

A Way To Live With Lightning Without The Coming Storm -  Daniel Edward Moore

Summoning the Portal - John A. Nieves

Fundamentals of Home Defense - Elizabeth Onusko  

Exquisite - Leila Ortiz

Terror’s Middle Name is Laughter - Dan Pinkerton

HGTV - Frederick Pollack  

Five Poems - John Sibley Williams

Dot Learns the Problem with Naming the Animals - Erin Elizabeth Smith

Dot Finds the Ghost Cocks - Erin Elizabeth Smith

The First Night in the New House - Erin Elizabeth Smith

Dot Dreams of Austin Again - Erin Elizabeth Smith

Five Poems - Twixt

Love in Four Elements - Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer

Suburban Diatribe - Audrey Walls

While Breastfeeding My Newborn Daughter, I Watch Tarantino Movies - Audrey Walls

Hollow - Audrey Walls

The Neighbors are Nudists - Audrey Walls



Issue 37.2


Impermanence is the Only Thing that Works in Fahrenheit Around Here - Sara Adams

Greensleeves - Jessamyn Birrer

Redshift - Jessamyn Birrer

Tocsin, Siren, Chime - Jessamyn Birrer

What Will You Do if the Pain Subsides? - Ace Boggess

What Does the Old Moon Think of the New Moon - Kristene Brown

She Keeps Trying to Tell Me - John F. Buckley

Play - M. Brett Gaffney

Grief, Some Questions - M. Brett Gaffney

Stick Horse - M. Brett Gaffney

Double Feature - Kia Groom

Trickle-Down Theory - Kenan Ince

Let’s Trim Our Hair in Accordance with the Socialist Lifestyle - Kenan Ince

Slaine - Kenan Ince

Molluscs - Kenan Ince

In the Beginning There Was the Worm - Alleliah Nuguid

Procreation or Not - Cathryn Shea



Issue 35.2


Caroline Tanski -  Botany As Desire and Fertilizer

Kathleen Weaver - Deer

Ann Hostetler - Ode to the Dash and Suzanne Valadon Poses for Renoir

Andrew Payton - December 1861

Ruth Baumann - Missing Persons Report II, In Which Rapunzel Pursues a Talkless Therapy and Rapunzel, Three Months after Her Escape

Dan Pinkerton - My Encounter with the Sage



Issue 34.2


Alison Hicks -  Centrifuge,  Wishbones, and Woman in the Leaves

Liz Robbins - [the scorpion]

David James - The Playwright’s Nightmare

Sasha West - The Interior Paramour sends a telegram, sinks a time capsule, sings

Brad Johnson - Cat in the Trash

Christine Hope Starr - Either Way, It Happens

J. Matthew Boyleston - In Back of the Hog Parlor

Nancy Botkin - Just the Facts

Marc J. Frazier - Adam and August Again

Linda Taylor - Grail and Stillness, and Seeds

David Clisbee - Rocking Chair