Issue 44.1


Because My Mother Told Me to Pray About It – Shannon Ashley

My Mother Worked on a Salmon Barge in Homer, Alaska – Aiden Baker

Arsonist Song – John Wall Barger

Self-Portrait as Driver – Jeffrey Bean

This is how magic works, right? – Hayley Bowen

Aubade with Need to be Picked Clean & Swallowing – Savannah Bradley

One Big Star Heart – Eli Coyle

Chronophobia – Laura Z. Fairgrieve

Sappho: A Voice & Otherwise Engaged – Katherine Gaffney

Heatwave Cooks Mussels in Their Shells on California Shore – Benjamin Gucciardi

Something Old, Something New – Claire Scott

Aubade II – Emily Standlee

On Want & Mountains Are Born and So Are We – Adam D. Weeks

The Complaint of my Grandpa’s John Deere Hat – David Eileen Winn



Issue 43.2


12 Ways of Looking at a Sunflower – Brianna Pike

Still Dreaming & Elsewhere – Michelle Askin

Swimming Lessons – Christen Kauffman

Your Rapist Trends on Twitter – Danielle Shorr

February 8th & April 16th – Ann Pedone

The Climbing – Michael Brosnan

Kith – Anne Duncan

Labor – Kevin O’Connor

Four Poems – Andrew Robin

At the Top of the Nowhere Staircase – Emmy Newman

After 3 Days – Jonathan Greenhause

Felt – Robert Jackson



Issue 42.2


Mi Shebeirach for Miami; or, Magic City Lockdown – Jen Karetnik

The Word You Should Never Say – David Starkey

/ myul /as in “a mewl of clouds” – Mary Buchinger

Xenolith – Nathaniel Youmans

Words for My Daughter After Watching Her Dance to ‘Girls’ – Dante Di Stefano

Sensation Seeking Behavior – Carolyn Orosz

Afternoon Meditation – Natasha Deonarain

Microcosm – Grace Wagner

The Night (After Psalm 2) – James Miller

Allecto and How Great is Our God! – Casey Epstein-Gross

Another Dream of Death and Born Again in the Light of Self – Brandi George

IT WAS NOBODY – Stephen Massimilla

Dream Catch – Jeff Tigchelaar

What Is It Like to Live in a Body? – Trenton Pollard

ghost tour – Patrick Kindig

Being Afraid Isn’t Enough – Gary McDowell

Reckoning – Greg Emilio

Black Trees Whose Names You Never Wanted to Know – Richard Widerkehr

I can’t remember if she liked broccoli – Leah White

Given – Liza Katz Duncan

Discarnate – Melanie Sevcenko

Mitosis Lullaby – Robert Evory



Issue 41.2


Trajectories – Daniel Bourne

I see her ghost nowadays & When did the bow begin to quiver? – Sherdes Leona

post-card home – Grace Covill-Grennan

Geas & 1998 Winter Blackout – Zachary Johnston

Avoiding the Dishes – E. Thomas Jones

Stillborn – Kelan Nee

I wake to sunlight climbing the walls – Eliza Rotterman

that war – Elizabeth Sackett

Broken Sconce & Memory of Sheep Rustling  – Felicia Zamora



Issue 40.2


“Aria” by Burnside Soleil

“Big Friendly Summer” by Seth Copeland

“Crescent Park Cruising Grounds Where Piety Ends” by Spencer Silverthorne

“From a blanket on a hill in West Virginia,” “After a difficult conversation, a walk,” and “Comparatively Speaking” by Jake Maynard

“Hindsight Horoscope Hulled from a Bank Statement” by Corey Oglesby

“Jesus’ Legs” by Charles W Brice

“Self-Portrait as Sister” by Gabrielle Montesanti

“Went to Tennessee” by Caroline Wilkinson



Issue 39.2


Calmivin ©, La marea montante, and Rocketboy - Daniel Aristi

Music to My Ears - Scott Banks

Skylark - Bryce Berkowitz

Abecedarian for the English Language and Letter from a Hungry Ancestor - Daniel Blokh

A Lack of Lustful Inclinations,  Southern, Belled., A Life Constructed Disappears, and Sunday Schooled - Emma Bolden

My Last Beatitude - Zoë Brigley

blood seed, east wind and dream with fox - Abigail Chabitnoy

After the Call from the Night Nurse and My Mother Paints Her First Picture at 90 - Adam Chiles

summer elegy and romanticizing - Charlotte Covey

Night Vision Scanning Techniques - Mike Crossley

A Little Something to Dance to - Fred Dale

golem - Garrett De Temple

Where Something Has Been - Danielle DeTiberus

Cant of Mardi Gras and What do I know about swans? - Aran Donovan

A Bullfighter Waits with Perfect Hands - Frankie Drayus

Dear Outer Space - Keith Mark Gaboury

Convictions: Slavery after Slavery - David Gewanter

Denim Lemonade as Lethal Injection - Henry Goldkamp

the dream and the ice - Carolyn Guinzio

St. Agatha and My Mother’s Mastectomy and Only - Emma Hyche

Piñata in the Marching Band - Paul Jolly

Burrito Bigger than a Wrecking Ball and Pizza Through the Ages - Tom Kelly

Teacher - Lisa Lewis

On the Creation of Adam - Ellyn Lichvar

Graft - Kate Lindroos

Charlie Parker - Ray Liversidge

If the Brain Is Skin Folded In - Regina Marie

Transmission - Kat Moore

[quality time], Control Sample is Gaslit, and Headcase Economics - Jessica Morey-Collins

Tangential - Irene O’Garden

Yoga and The List - Tanner Pruitt

The Visitation - Billy Reynolds

Aileen Wuornos - Jonathan Riccio

On Turning Thirty - Britney Scott

Rouault, End of Autumn - James Wyshynski



Issue 38.2


Hong Kong - Stephen Behrendt

Dissection - Colleen Burner

Scapegoat - Mary Christensen

Burial Rites - Mary Christensen  

May Evening - Noah Davis

The Woman Who Eats the River - Noah Davis

Emily as a Float on the Skin - Darren Demaree

Emily as Forming Knuckles - Darren Demaree

Emily as Red and White and Yellow and White - Darren Demaree

Down Fell the Doves - Joshua Morgan Folmar

When I Can’t Sleep - Joshua Morgan Folmar

Bearings - Sarah Giragosian

Eventually Iguanas - Sarah Giragosian

If I Were Your Sister and You Were a Bird and All the Wolves Were Buried and Dead - Sarah Giragosian

History of a Body - Sarah Giragosian

When the Horseshoe Crab Grieves - Sarah Giragosian

The Yahrtzeit Candle - Kirk Glaser

from “Ligertown" - Susan Goslee

I Am The Tin Boy, Yes It’s True - Jennifer Hanks

The key to open up tomorrow is reality - Jennifer Hanks

The Tin Boy is Butch AF - Jennifer Hanks

I’m not kissing girls who have to get / blitzed / to touch me - Jennifer Hanks

Grandmother, this fish tattoo is the only thing keeping me alive - Jennifer Hanks

How Can You So Quickly Forget? -  Rich Ives

Division - Alyssa Jewell

Our Sister, Valentine’s Day - Jerry Johnston

Cleaning Brook Trout - Jerry Johnston

Silver As It Is Golden - Esther Lin

Revelation - Esther Lin  

Work Horse in the Rain - Robert Malloy

A Way To Live With Lightning Without The Coming Storm -  Daniel Edward Moore

Summoning the Portal - John A. Nieves

Fundamentals of Home Defense - Elizabeth Onusko  

Exquisite - Leila Ortiz

Terror’s Middle Name is Laughter - Dan Pinkerton

HGTV - Frederick Pollack  

Five Poems - John Sibley Williams

Dot Learns the Problem with Naming the Animals - Erin Elizabeth Smith

Dot Finds the Ghost Cocks - Erin Elizabeth Smith

The First Night in the New House - Erin Elizabeth Smith

Dot Dreams of Austin Again - Erin Elizabeth Smith

Five Poems - Twixt

Love in Four Elements - Rosa Walling-Wefelmeyer

Suburban Diatribe - Audrey Walls

While Breastfeeding My Newborn Daughter, I Watch Tarantino Movies - Audrey Walls

Hollow - Audrey Walls

The Neighbors are Nudists - Audrey Walls



Issue 37.2


Impermanence is the Only Thing that Works in Fahrenheit Around Here - Sara Adams

Greensleeves - Jessamyn Birrer

Redshift - Jessamyn Birrer

Tocsin, Siren, Chime - Jessamyn Birrer

What Will You Do if the Pain Subsides? - Ace Boggess

What Does the Old Moon Think of the New Moon - Kristene Brown

She Keeps Trying to Tell Me - John F. Buckley

Play - M. Brett Gaffney

Grief, Some Questions - M. Brett Gaffney

Stick Horse - M. Brett Gaffney

Double Feature - Kia Groom

Trickle-Down Theory - Kenan Ince

Let’s Trim Our Hair in Accordance with the Socialist Lifestyle - Kenan Ince

Slaine - Kenan Ince

Molluscs - Kenan Ince

In the Beginning There Was the Worm - Alleliah Nuguid

Procreation or Not - Cathryn Shea



Issue 35.2


Caroline Tanski -  Botany As Desire and Fertilizer

Kathleen Weaver - Deer

Ann Hostetler - Ode to the Dash and Suzanne Valadon Poses for Renoir

Andrew Payton - December 1861

Ruth Baumann - Missing Persons Report II, In Which Rapunzel Pursues a Talkless Therapy and Rapunzel, Three Months after Her Escape

Dan Pinkerton - My Encounter with the Sage



Issue 34.2


Alison Hicks -  Centrifuge,  Wishbones, and Woman in the Leaves

Liz Robbins - [the scorpion]

David James - The Playwright’s Nightmare

Sasha West - The Interior Paramour sends a telegram, sinks a time capsule, sings

Brad Johnson - Cat in the Trash

Christine Hope Starr - Either Way, It Happens

J. Matthew Boyleston - In Back of the Hog Parlor

Nancy Botkin - Just the Facts

Marc J. Frazier - Adam and August Again

Linda Taylor - Grail and Stillness, and Seeds

David Clisbee - Rocking Chair