Broken Sconce

by Felicia Zamora

formatted poem


About the Author

Felicia Zamora is the author of the poetry books: Quotient (Tinderbox Editions 2021), Body of Render, winner of the 2018 Benjamin Saltman Award (Red Hen Press 2020), Instrument of Gaps (Slope Editions 2018), & in Open, Marvel (Parlor Press 2018), and Of Form & Gather, winner of the 2016 Andrés Montoya Poetry Prize (University of Notre Dame Press 2017). She’s received fellowships and residencies from CantoMundo, Ragdale Foundation, PLAYA, Moth Magazine, and Martha’s Vineyard, authored two chapbooks, won the 2015 Tomaž Å alamun Prize, and was the 2017 Poet Laureate of Fort Collins, CO. Her poems are found or forthcoming in Alaska Quarterly Review, Academy of American Poets Poem-A-Day, American Poetry Review, Boston Review online, Crazyhorse, Georgia Review, Lana Turner, Prairie Schooner, Missouri Review Poem-of-the-Week, The Nation, West Branch, and others. She received her MFA from Colorado State University where she teaches creative writing courses online and is the Associate Poetry Editor for the Colorado Review. She lives in Arizona and is the Program Manager for the Center for Imagination in the Borderlands at Arizona State University.