The Complaint of my Grandpa’s John Deere Hat

David Eileen Winn

greener than your grass 	I gloat 		greener
than your trees		I am		sweat-christened 
emerald crown	      to your 	backbone 	of America
& the fields           I have seen		the seeds	crushed 
under my supervision      the dirt 	I have turned	and reconciled 
to darkness      the sun 	I have kept	off your skin	   the cancer
I have kept		off your cheeks 	how dare the children
of your children	pluck me	from your pate 	how dare
they toss me dizzy	how dare	they laugh 	they laugh	they laugh

About the Author

David Eileen Winn is a non-binary poet and Ohio native who earned their MFA from Florida Atlantic University while Editor-in-Chief of Swamp Ape Review. They are currently on the editorial board for Alien Magazine, and their work has appeared, or is forthcoming in, Permafrost, Cherry Tree Review, Sundress Publication’s Best of the Net Anthology, Small Orange, and others. Without purple pens, much of their work would not exist.