Hindsight Horoscope Hulled from a Bank Statement

by Corey Oglesby

On the 5th you will spend the evening mooring
hope to experience in the form of mistakes
geographically traceable: noon: a plain bagel
with plain cream cheese (some miniature penance
for which only you possess the logic)
on Old Accokeek Road: the 6th will follow suit:
you always end up here: muscling a cloud
of ice from the windshield as if doing so will
convince traffic lights you’re headed somewhere:
a friend’s mom’s basement: ferrets crawling cages
behind spiraling locks of pot smoke: a mural
you’ll knife into the wall of your skull on the 7th:
work is a thing you hope will teach you how to be
a morning person: Upper Marlboro: Waldorf: La Plata:
La Plata: La Plata: Do you live in La Plata: burning
piles of emotional currency just for the warmth
will leave you broke by the 30th: learn
to toss yourself like an empty bottle into the woods
when the cops knock: the sweat-licked windows:
the one reliable friend yelling: hey